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Patchouly Nobile 1942

The Collection: six scents developed on a specific theme:

Acqua, Ambra, Patchouli, Muschio, Fougère, Sandalo

The white and black stripes, marble and slate maden. The packaging is inspired to the typical architectural element in Genoa noble’s buildings. We can find these elements even in the Genoese cathedral, San Lorenzo.

Delicate elegance, rich in personality.


Patchouli, Patchouly from Nobile 1942 can be called very elegant and distinguished. Opens robust but after a while turns into an elegant perfume that has a long lasting.

Santi Burgas

Loant Collection


The Creative Director of the brand is Santiago Burgas, passionate about the Costa Brava and the animal world. He began to create learning how to sew and to embroider when he was just a child. His university studies in fashion design laid the foundation for his creative career path, first in fashion design by launching his own designer brand and later, in 2008, he started a new stage of his career entering the world of Author Perfumery, and he created his own company with the desire to translate his artistic inspiration into high quality perfumes and design.

His projects have the characteristics of being based on nature, and the life of insects, especially regarding the behaviour of ants, what is translated into a new way of thinking and acting in the perfumery field.

The brand is highly conscious of and committed in protecting the environment and the raw materials used are top quality, sustainable and environment friendly, and we only work with local businesses and products (km 0) and with ISO certified suppliers.

Press Event ‘She loves brilliant perfumes.’

Press event 29 January 2015

After the Xmas holidays we are preparing ourselves for the spring season. On Thursday morning press was invited to meet the people behind the brands of TEO CABANEL and CAMPOS de IBIZA, experience the latest fragrance, Lace Garden and to find out the passion that Aurélie Kahn has for IBIZA.

The introduction of TEO Cabanel’s latest perfume: Lace Garden. The delicate scents of white flowers have woven a veil of soft lace as an ode to timeless feminine grace. Imagine a French garden bathed in soft light: you are experiencing Teo Cabanel’s delicate and romantic Lace Garden perfume.

Let yourself be swept away by just its touch of light lemon ylang- ylang. Now lean closer into the heart of a lavish bouquet of jasmine, orange blossom and tuberose where magnolia awaits to be discovered. Generous vanilla tints are magnified by a hint of benzoin. In a final wooded powdery accord, Lace Garden rewards your skin with a divine sensation.

Rudis! New Fragrance by Nobile1942 and Antonio Alessandria.

There is a new fragrance in town called Rudis! A co-creation by        Nobile 1942 and the Newcomer of the Year: Antonio Alessandria. Rudis takes you back to the Romans, where the gladiators ‘the swordsman’ were fighting for entertainment. The wooden sword they are using by the training is called Rudis. Antonio Alessandria and Nobile 1942 did a lot of research about the way of living of the gladiators.

Rudis by Nobile 1942
Rudis by Nobile 1942

The fragrance captures the different parts of the gladiator’s journey: the red wine he drinks, the sword he grabs and the fight he is fighting. That’s why the fragrance opens with a rich mix of whiskey and leather, infused with tart fruits, smoky wood and saffron. After that it develops with roses, patchouli and other spices into a balanced unisex fragrance with a masculine tone.


Besides the fragrance the packing is also a very interesting given. Handmade from Florentine waxed leather by craftsman in Italy. The logo of Nobile 1942 is stamped into the waxy red of the leather. Because the whole process takes a lot of manual work, there is per month a limited number available.

Rudis! Real craftsman by Nobile 1942
Rudis! Real craftsman by Nobile 1942


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