Mothersday Top5

We are proud of her. She is ready for us every day. What do you give your mother this year? We have selected the top 5 most beautiful Mother’s Day gifts. For the Mother who deserves something else; a unique mother a unique gift. TEO CABANEL – Lace Garden A beautiful floral perfume with the light-footedness of lace. The flower gardens of Fontainebleau Castle are the inspiration for this unique fragrance. A touch of lemon and ylang ylang and in the heart the orange blossom, jasmine, tuberose and the mysterious magnolia. Vanilla and benzoin in the base provide a powdery harmony; a divine sensation on the skin. A very French […]

Parfum Musthave Teo Cabanel Lace Garden

Parfum Musthave #3 · Lace Garden

Lace Garden Close your eyes and get lost in the French gardens, which surround the Chateau of Fontainebleau. Where Magnolia and the Orange blossom alternate. With the summer ahead, it’s time for a new fragrance. Lace Garden is a delicate, white floral bouquet that starts with accented tuberose, after which it supports the classic white flowers like jasmine, orange blossom and magnolia. When the perfume develops, the (green) woody notes emerge. The generous vanilla is enhanced by a touch of benzoin. Let yourself be taken into the French story! The brand behind Lace Garden, TEO CABANEL, has a rich history going back to 1893 when the Cabanel Company is founded […]

Cadeau tip voor de feestdagen

Holiday gifts for this season

De avond valt steeds eerder, de wind begint harder te waaien en de bomen verliezen hun bladeren. De tijd van lichtjes en warme chocolademelk is weer aangebroken. Met de feestdagen voor de deur is het altijd handig om een beetje cadeau inspiratie op te doen. Welke beauty musthaves horen er dit jaar in de zak of onder de boom?! Wij hebben de leukste, lekkerste en mooiste cadeau’s voor jullie op een rijtje gezet. LEKKERE CADEAU’s WHEN MASK – Hydraterende gezichtsmaskers gemaakt van 100% bio cellulose. Ideaal voor de droge en gevoelige huid. Verschillende soorten voor verschillende momenten op de dag.  per stuk €12,95 · 4pack voor €39,95 via bol.com ACCA […]

Teo Cabanel _Barkhane musthave

Parfum Musthave #1 · Barkhane

The cold days are there. Which parfum do you wear to keep yourself warm? There are thousands of perfumes on the market, but which one do you choice this season?! We found out for you. BARKHANE What do you have to know about this parfum? Barkhane lends its name to the smooth, velvety soft dunes that folds by the desert wind. Warm, rich and mysterious are the three words that describes this perfume the best. Jean Francois Latty, the nose behind the perfume, does not cut corners and opens the fragrance directly with a spicy introduction. In the heart you will find clearly the notes of spicy flowers, such as […]

Teo Cabanel Fragrance for men Jasper & Kasar

Kasar and Jaspe

When NAPOLÉON set his heart on Fontainebleau and made it his favourite residence, little did he know Teo Cabanel would chose to name two new fragrances for men after his mascott horses, JASPÉ and KASAR, stalled in what would become the French equestrian capital. But what is more natural? This imperial, equestrian city is so rich in olfactive experiences: sensual leathery scents of horse bridles joining with the wild herbal scents of the surrounding Fontainebleau forest. JASPE A WOODY FRAGRANCE FOR THE GENTLEMAN IN YOU Both elegant and modern, Jaspé expresses the splendor and virility of purebreds through tints of wood and lavender. Opening on fresh top notes of bergamot […]

Teo Cabanel Meloe Fresh parfum

Teo Cabanel

MELOE a fresh citrus all the way. Long lasting. For those who like nowadays the freshness. BARKHANE an ambery combined with aoud. For the slow late night evenings. Warm and erotic.

Lace Garden

The introduction of TEO Cabanel’s latest perfume: Lace Garden. The delicate scents of white flowers have woven a veil of soft lace as an ode to timeless feminine grace. Imagine a French garden bathed in soft light: you are experiencing Teo Cabanel’s delicate and romantic Lace Garden perfume.

La Parisienne 2014 with Teo Cabanel!

Last Sunday we joined the famous ladies run ‘La Parisienne’.  More than 35.000 women were running through the streets of Paris, all to fight against cancer! It was amazing to see and of course to join. Teo Cabanel is participating every year and we felt blessed to be a part of this lovely-sporty team. For runs like this, Teo Cabanel – Meloe is the ultimate fragrances! Fresh and spicy notes.. like the Bergamot form Calabria, Neroli from Tunisia, Mandarin and Lemon from Sicily.  Base notes of musk, amber and woody notes. And for everyone who like to travel light there is a roller ball! Or.. for in every bag!!