TizianTerenzi Alioth


Ursa Major Inspired by the brightest star of the Ursa Major, or better known as the Great Bear. Together with the stars Alkaid, Mizar and Alioth forms the stalk of the saucepan. The name “Alioth” comes from the Arabic word “alyat” (thick tail of a sheep). In Chinese this star is known as 北斗 五 (the fifth star of the Great Bear) or 玉衡 (the star of the Jade telescope). In the same constellation you will find Dubhe the inspiration for the other Attar Dubh. You may say Alioth is the sister of Dubh. With a brightness of 1.76, Alioth is the 31st brightest star in the sky.



Inspired by making wine with which each year can vary, Paolo makes a collection every year from the year in question. As with wine, differences may arise because nature is not the same. Unlike the other perfumes of TIZIANA TERENZI, the formula remains the same and the quality of the ingredient thus affects the smell. The idea came about in 2014 with the perfumes CASANOVA and CHIMAERA. This year, Paolo is expanding the collection with the perfumes AFRODITE and DIONISIO, 900 copies worldwide.   AFRODITE This creation was inspired by the marvelous Mediterranean landscape surrounded by white beaches and high cliffs, that rear up out of the transparent and sparkling […]

Luna Collectie Tiziana Terenzi Sterrenbeelden

Stars of Tiziana Terenzi

URSA – woody, oriental Long ago that a parfum opens so heavy and intense. Between the spicy and sweet notes of the opening – actually a composition in itself – you observe an animal trail. A harbinger of the old in the aftermath. Ursa is the opposite of sweet and classic-seductive due to the lack of flowers in the heart. Instead, this is a dark wood melange that seems ‘leaky’. With again a trail of old that in the base demands all attention – extra animalized by leather that has been rubbed with a smooth, ‘spicy’ vanilla. TOP: Nutmeg, Elemi resin, Dried fruit and Rum MIDDLE: Pathouli, Olibanum, Tobacco and Vetiver […]

Villa D'Arte Porpora Beautypers

Porpora at Villa D’Arte

Villa D’Arte discovered the oriental Porpora of Tiziana Terenzi. Beauty musthave for 2018! Villa D’Art Issue nr. 6

Cadeau tip voor de feestdagen

Holiday gifts for this season

De avond valt steeds eerder, de wind begint harder te waaien en de bomen verliezen hun bladeren. De tijd van lichtjes en warme chocolademelk is weer aangebroken. Met de feestdagen voor de deur is het altijd handig om een beetje cadeau inspiratie op te doen. Welke beauty musthaves horen er dit jaar in de zak of onder de boom?! Wij hebben de leukste, lekkerste en mooiste cadeau’s voor jullie op een rijtje gezet. LEKKERE CADEAU’s WHEN MASK – Hydraterende gezichtsmaskers gemaakt van 100% bio cellulose. Ideaal voor de droge en gevoelige huid. Verschillende soorten voor verschillende momenten op de dag.  per stuk €12,95 · 4pack voor €39,95 via bol.com ACCA […]

Paolo Terenzi Candle workshop

Press workshop with Paolo Terenzi

On Friday November 3th, Paolo Terenzi in the Nederlands to show a small selected press group how they make their scented candles. The family business has traditionally made candles and so Paolo got the craft in it. From childhood he already played with the wax, perfume and molecules. As he himself says it is in his DNA. Besides making candles for private label like Gucci, Aqua di Parma and recently Fornasetti, they have their own collection TIZIANA TERENZI. Where Paolo is the nose behind the brand, his sister is the eyes of the brand. Tiziana Terenzi is originally a decorative designer and has worked for, among others, Moschino. In 2012, Paolo and […]

Tiziana Terenzi Delox&Foconero De nieuwste parfums


We proudly present the new perfumes of TIZIANA TERENZI! Both part of the Classic Collection, which now consists of 6 gold and 6 black bottles. This autumn you will be assured of a scent where everyone will be jealous off. This with the holidays almost there.. Nice to give, great to receive!   DELOX A perfume inspired by the sailing trip around the Greek island group Cyclades. The essence of the summer -take care of the world- and full of impressive fragrances that bring the “Meltemi” (typical wind of these latitudes). The warm, sensual embrace is inspired by the unspoilt and untouched beauty of the Mediterranean. The strong aroma of […]

Halloween parfum

Which perfume for which Halloween outfit?

Finding a suitable Halloween outfit is already a job on it selfs.. let stand what kind of perfume you should wear. It is easy to go for the laziest way and pick the perfume that you wear daily. But to make your Halloween really special and give your outfit more character we pick 5 perfumes.  NOBILE 1942 – Malìa Malìa tells the story of an innocent modern witch, a woman who seduces you with a smile, while you where still trying to imagine her personality. A woman who performs as a charming lady, but takes the power of the earth to conquer her prey. Innocent, nevertheless, she knows to play […]

Tiziana Terenzi Eclips & Porpora parfum fall 2017


Around the garden of the house there was a huge, beautiful rose garden, lovingly tended to with skill and wisdom by Nonna Luigia. This corner of paradise issued dense, alluring scents which became even more intense by evening, as the temperature would gradually fall, cooled down by the light breeze wafting in from the sea. Their grandfather would pick the roses of this magical place and use them to make his precious absolutes, with wisdom and patience. Paolo and Tiziana would help him to collect hundreds and thousands of large scented, velvety purplish petals, which he would then artfully place in the darkened copper pot of his alchemist’s alembic, which would shine like the moon. […]

Tiziana Terenzi Tyl parfum 2017 exclusive


Tiziana Terenzi’s parfum collection evokes a sense of wonder, embodying the essence of re-discovery, of recognizing the dearest possessions we thought we had lost, or perhaps did not even know that we had forgotten. Assoluto Tyl Extrait De Parfum, rising star of the constellation Draco reaches a border never before explored, realising a unique and totally new fragrance. The precious scents of musk emphasise and reverberate the notes of golden amber, sparkling made by citrus fruits, but sweetly balanced by the grace of flowers and by the generosity of vanilla. A stellar symphony able to lightly glide over the body like a gentle caress, and to lull the soul of […]

Tiziana Terenzi Annual Collection 2016

Tiziana Terenzi Anniversary Collection

@Tiziana Terenzi now available The Anniversary Collection. Perfumes launched every year started in 2014 and now we have edition 2016. This year Casanova and Chimaera accompanied by Bigia (fruity-spicy) and Gumin. A tribute to the grandfather and grandmother of Paolo and Tiziana Terenzi. Each precious bottle is catalogued with the year of production. The recipe itself remains the same although, each year, it gets the sublime touch of nature. For this reason, each bottle will be a unique and collectible piece. CASANOVA Top notes are bergamot, jasmine, orchid, fig leaf and powdery notes; middle notes are ambergris, pink pepper, vanilla, cardamom, guaiac wood, myrrh and leather; base notes are amber, […]

Tiziana Terenzi Scented Candles


The Story of a Passion – The Terenzi family has ancient origins dating back to the Roman days of the tales of Horace. The surname derives from Tres enses (three swords), and fades back in time into the cradle of civilisation. We can just mention here the Latin playwright Publius Terentius Afer, and the traces of our family in 15th century Rimini, with the nobleman Gabriele Terenzi, lover of art and alchemy, who died around 1450. A race of leaders, explorers, artists and – above all – inventors. An olfactory memory that guides his children, Tiziana and Paolo, in their ongoing search for a colossal new challenge amid the work carried out by their predecessors. Tiziana […]

NOBILE 1942 & TERENZI in the Nouveau

In the august edition of the Nouveau you will find an artikel about perfumes with a story… And of cours Nobile1942 and Tiziana Terenzi  are there. True craftsmanship is what we want! NOBILE 1942 & TERENZI • Nouveau AUG15