The Campos de Ibiza story started in the 50s, when the Stora family came to the island from Paris, their native city, invited by their great friend, the Ibicenco painter who was at the heart of the cultural life of the island, Mariano Tur de Montis.

Fascinated by the magic of this mysterious island, they settled in a house on the Es Cubells cliff, a wonderful orchard high above the sea. Initially a summer residence, became their real home.

Camille, the youngest of the Storas, had the happiest time of her childhood there. Parisian by birth but Ibicenca at heart, in the 70s she fulfilled her dream by launching the first fragrance of Campos de Ibiza. La Mandarina, an entirely hand crafted fragrance, was elaborated with the fruits and flowers that she cultivated herself in her garden.
The fragrance was an outstanding success: the demand grew dramatically and she took up the challenge of increasing the production. What was initially a hobby became a job and she decided to dedicate herself to the research and development of the brand.

Today Campos de Ibiza is managed by her oldest daughter, Aurelie, who gave the company a wider and more international dimension, and included her own creations to the brand. Campos de Ibiza is now acknowledged as Spain’s best boutique fragrance.

The Concept
Campos de Ibiza represents the essence of this enigmatic island, known as the Jewel of the Mediterranean. Our products reinvent the classics. Made in Spain, they are traditional and elegant, with a cosmopolitan, contemporary and luxurious twist.
When authenticity meets sophistication... Inspired by the Mediterranean nature, this exclusive collection of products represents the highest quality of hand crafted production, made from the finest raw materials and finished with an exquisite refinement.