The History
In 1893, the Company established Cabanel in Algiers, by a doctor and chemist. The company focuses on the shaping of colognes, extracts mainly for handkerchiefs and some prestigious colognes such as: Demoiselle de Paris, Frina, Yasmine .. etc. From his own orange plantation, he delivers the ingredients for the perfume industry.

With the growing success draws Cabanel in 1908 in Paris. The Duchess of Windsor, who discovered him makes him directly to her favorite perfumer and becomes widely known. Its exclusive clientele is not just acquaintances but also pharmaceutical and pharmacy cooperatives.

Teo Cabanel focuses on creating luxury perfumes. "Our customers will experience a world of original fragrances in the footsteps of the French perfume tradition." With Teo Cabanel they will rediscover the concept of total sophistication. Therefore we pay great attention to the products to meet those with the greatest care in the best qualities to deliver. We stand for the quality of our fragrances, the elegance of the bottle and packaging: Teo Cabanel

Teo Cabanel perfumes deserve the finest natural elements, 100% pure and natural. Only the most unexpected and delicate scents inspire Teo Cabanel creations. To the best perfume to create, we have the best expert, Jean-François Latty. An authority in the field of quality and prestige that creates our fragrances.



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