The Terenzi Family has ancient origins dating back to the Roman days of the tales of Horace. The surname derives form Tres enses(three swords), and fades back in time into the cradle of civilisation. They can just mention here the Latin playwright Publiua Terentius Afer, and the traces of there family in 15th century Rimini, with the nobleman Gabriele Terenzi, lover of art and alchemy, who died around 1450.

A race of leaders, explorers, artists and -above all- inventors. Guglielmo, who truly embodied the spirit of the inventor and the artist, was a cavalry officer who loved everything that was beautiful and harmonious. He played the drums and wrote poetry, also devoting his time to philosophy and the search for the aesthetics of beauty. Luigia decided to channel her husband's talents, and set up a little artisan laboratory in a small room of the big family home; the first brick in what would become a tale of over 40 years, passed down to the current day, generation by generation.

Guglielmo had always loved perfumes, especially colognes; he created his own personal collection of them. using natural essences from his beloved land. His love of music and syncopated rhythm always seeped into his creations like an author's signature. He taught his son, Evelino, the art of olfactory harmony and the techniques of well-balanced tension, borrowing the language of the senses from the world of music. Evelino inherited his father's love of music -he plays the clarinet; and he tries out new paths with great inventiveness, fascinated by mechanics and progress-. A true inventor, able to transform the family business into a haven of surprises, where even today visitors are charmed by a place that seems magical. The machinery in use was invented and produced by Evelino himself.

... three generations, the story of a passion ...

The little artisan workshop gradually grew bigger, increasingly epitomising the character of Evelino. The bricks and floors, and every nook and cranny of premises, are still seeped in his spirit and scent. An olfactory memory that guides his childeren, Tiziana and Paolo, in their ongoing search for a colossal new challenge amid the work carried out by their predecessors.

Tiziana and Paolo share everthing, uniting their skills in a blend that could probably never have emerged from one person alone.
The family bond holds them firmly together, just s the oak sinks its roots into the ground, providing the fruit of knowledge for generations living beyond time. The music of their forebears still plays in their hearts, and the journey is always towards the sea.

Even today, the focus is still on unique creations, natural and valued raw materials, and painstaking attention to detail, because every single creation that leaves the premises is a child of this family; it speaks of men and women who've knowingly encompassed the "absolute" in a spot of perfume, and "life" in a "spot of wax".