Private label candles

The unique qualities of 100% wax candles.
The natural wax is manufactured in house and has been developed and refined over many years.

The wax is 100% natural and made entirely of certified vegan ingredients. Each candle is scented with the purest fragrances made from essential oils that are carefully selected from the specialist regions of the world. The candles are made in England, from start to finish, using only renewable and sustainable resources. And they are free from animal testing.

Only the best quality and purest based fragrance is used. Each of their candles is scented to a high level thus ensuring the delightful bouquet will linger in a room for many hours. The finest essential oils are carefully selected from the specialist regions of the world.

All wicks are lead free and are manufactured at their factory in England. This ensures they use the appropriate strength of wick for each candle. They are one of a handful of companies in the world that manufacture candles from start to finish.

No petroleum/paraffin waxes are used in there candles. Petrol based waxes have been shown to emit toxins and carcinogens, which are not only bad for the environment but also detrimental to health. It is their belief paraffin wax candles will become a thing of the past as more and more people learn of their harmful side effects. Natural wax candles are the future!

All of the candles are stringently tested to guarantee exceptional performance.

“We proudly say that they manufacture the finest candles in the world.”




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