This brand, the result of the love and passion of its creators, was built slowly, following the suggestions of a total experience involving all the senses, combined with a strong artistic vocation.

Fragrances that speak to our unconscious, that take us back to a collective olfactory memory, transmitted together with the genetic heritage, even without direct experience, we recognize the primordial, ancestral value, the symbolic elements, the archetypes.

The composition of the perfume aims at a high concentration of natural raw materials and no water in the mixing, this ensures that those who wear it will appreciate the characteristics.

The perfumes remain on the skin for a long time and can be composed into a unique and personal blend like invisible works of art.

What makes ARTE PROFUMI so different?

The Roman brand Arte Profumi is definitely different; the creators don't like to make up myths, instead they focus all their attention on fragrances and this attitude, in general, earns them the status of niche brand (in the original sense of the word) and respect for professionals.

More and more contemporary brands have a major problem: their founders invent too much. They make up far-fetched stories and come up with such outlandish concepts that they can't really create something interesting for their customer base.

"There are only three people behind the brand - the director Michele Iannone, his sister Mariagrazia and his wife Monica; their background in perfumery comes from two boutiques run by Michele and Mariagrazia's parents from the 1960s and into the 1980s, which led them to create their own line in 2013."

Julietta Ptoyan