After 15 years of dedication to improving the art and passion behind the creation of a perfume, from the heart rather than from
the mind of its creator, was born in 2003 Workshop of the Essences. A dream come true, creating a line of fragrances with the criteria and the identity of craftsmanship that distinguishes work of the perfumer since ancient times.For this purpose, born of the collaboration between workshop and several Essences master perfumers to which Mauritius Lembo asked to stage the smells that waft from childhood in its olfactory memory, linked to memories, but also to new insights, choosing to achieve primarily in environmental scents to create around him a lot of small emotions to share with everyone.

" I still remember my first fragrance, named Messire and I felt peaceful when wearing it. I was 10 and finished school I spent whole afternoons in the shop perfume of my father .... scents have accompanied my life, have become an integral part, a legacy of family transformed into a cultivated passion in my heart. " - Maurizio Lembo -

The philosophy behind their work is deeply grounded in the passion for the world of essences, a journey through the atmosphere fragrant scents that evoke memories.
Each fragrances comes with care and attention, the result of months of work. Day by day every little nuance get applied to create a harmonious and high olfactory note. The use of raw materials gives the most compositions, substance and elegance.

Each product is carefully packaged by hand, what gives the uniqueness of their own Italian tradition of craftsmanship.

- Passion, Creativity and Uniqueness. -