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Imperial Parfums proudly presents “Adam,” a fragrance that captures the soul of Dubai in a fiery bottle. Dubai, a city of opulence and contrasts, enchants senses with a wealth of fragrances. Adam inspired by the love and fiery passion the city carries. The enchanting composition of Adam opens with the bright fragrance notes of sweet […]

Premium vs Luxury

It’s worth noting there is a difference between a premium and a luxury brand. The key difference here is that a luxury brand, in order to remain luxury, has to have limits on volume of sales. By its nature it can’t be accessible to everyone. Premium on the other hand, can still enjoy large sales […]


GIARDINO DI BOBOLI is part of the Extrait collection by Roberto Ugolini. Special formulas with a very high concentration of fragrance oils are composed in this  collection. GIARDINO DI BOBOLI is a green, fresh flo-ral fragrance that is intended to reflect the plants and tree diversity of the park. It starts with strong green notes […]