We all use soap every day. Washing our hands, in the shower, after reading the newspaper or doing jobs in the house, working in the garden, you name it. At this time of day we certainly wash our hands extra at many times of the day. A real soap is a combination of beautiful oils […]


– LA STANZA DELLE BAMBOLA –  “Let’s play pretending to be…” Children experience life with dolls and puppets.  Attended, pampered and loved dolls, a projection of daily life placed in a fantasy world created ad hoc by a childish imagination. But in this relationship with the doll there is also the mischief of a little […]


The perfume is inspired by the magnificent appearance of the Red Moon, which sometimes appears as a red ball of light from behind the horizon. Probably the most magical and mysterious image in the memory of Paolo and Tiziana, reminding them of their childhood, the most peaceful and carefree period in their lives. In the […]


Pompei open for public

Three Painted Houses in the Lost City of Pompeii are finally open to the public after a 40-Year restoration project.  Three archaeological marvels at Pompeii, the ancient Roman city razed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD, have reopened to the public. Calling it a “story of rebirth and redemption,” the Italian Ministry of Culture […]

New Years drink 2020

New Years drink with great bites from Jeanne Beddington for a wonderful 2020 Together with our clients, frineds and family we celebrated 2020. Toasting for a happy, healthy and succesfilm New Year. Bites from Jeanne Beddington matching wonderfully 7 chose perfumes. An inspiring experience from a Top Chef From 2020 on we will organise evenings […]

AMPOULES new skin trend

2019 was already the year where Ampoules gradually became better known, but according to the beauty experts, ampoules will really break through in 2020. After all, every skin is different and therefore needs its own approach. The skin can use a boost in its time. What are Ampoules? Ampoules are glass tubes and contain high […]

Ingredient Knowledge · AMBERGRIS

Ambergris is a rare perfume ingredient. It is already 6 years ago that a huge piece washed up on Texel (83 kg of a dead sperm whale.) The animal undoubtedly suffered from a blockage. Many people think that ambergris bile is what spits out the sperm whale. However, this does not appear to be true. […]

ParfumDiner Experience Temabuilding


Food, drinks and perfumes; Three ingredients for an unforgettable evening. In the restaurant you will be surprised by 7 dishes with 7 matching wines, both inspired by the 7 perfumes. The chef will receive several perfumes a few weeks in advance, after which he / she will come up with matching dishes. ‘Notes’ from the […]

Xmas Toppers 2018

Xmas Toppers

Red, Black and White are frequently used colors during Christmas. Color are closely related to emotions and this is also reflected in perfumes. That is why we have made a selection of Red toppers, Black toppers and White toppers. Beautiful perfumes to give as a gift, but also suitable to style your Christmas outfit. What […]

Education_Cinnamon parfum ingredients

Ingredient Knowledge · CINNAMON

The name cinnamon comes from Latin, “canella”, “stick”. (Ceylon) Cinnamon (or Cinnamomum verum) is one of the best-known spices that comes from the inner bark of the shoots of the cinnamon tree. There are several species, an important species is Cassia (or Cinnamomum aromaticum). Cassia is somewhat stronger and sweeter than Ceylon cinnamon. Cinnamon is […]

Ginger parfum ingredient

Ingredient Knowledge · GINGER

Used in tea, for cooking, as medicine and in perfumes … What many people don’t know is that ginger is more than a root, ginger is a rhizome. I hear you think what is the difference? The rhizome is considered an underground stem, which means that there are leaves and buds on it. The rhizome is […]


Last Thursday we were in Utrecht at the Retail and Brands Festival. An event full of information about the future of retail, technology to support retail and a number of interesting speakers. As a distributor, you also want to know what is going on in retail, so that you can look at the next steps […]

VCanto-Arsenico parfum musthave herfst 2018

Parfum Musthave #4 · ARSENICO

Lucretia, a true master of lethal and narcotizing potions, would often use it to mold reality to her pleasing and controlling the minds of her victims. The lethal strategist never went without it and loved to wear it in her exquisite golden ring, which featured a secret compartment specifically designed by artful jewelers to contain […]



What’s going on in the Beauty world? One of the largest clothing webshops will focus on niche cosmetic brands. In doing so, they take serious steps to deal with this equally. At the beginning of this year, Zalando already included cosmetics in the range, but this has now been extended with a physical store. The […]

Blog_Vetiver Ingredient Knowledge Parfum

Ingredient Knowledge · VETIVER

The name vetiver probably rings a bell. This raw material, was broadly used in some very famous perfumes of the last decades : Vetiver – Guerlain (1959), Vetiver 46 – Le Labo (2006), Terre – Hermes (2007), Sycomore – Chanel (2008). Time to give some more explanation on this beautiful scented plant. The vetiver, ( or […]