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VCanto-Arsenico parfum musthave herfst 2018

Parfum Musthave #4 · ARSENICO

Lucretia, a true master of lethal and narcotizing potions, would often use it to mold reality to her pleasing and controlling the minds of her victims. The lethal strategist never went without it and loved to wear it in her exquisite golden ring, which featured a secret compartment specifically designed by artful jewelers to contain the lethal potion, rendering it instantly and constantly available, ready to be used whenever the need might arise. Lucretia’s skill in handling arsenic, combined with the reputation that this mighty potion gained, later inspired famous historical tragedies, such as that of Romeo and Juliet, and the tale of Madame  Bovary. The stylistic inspiration for this creation is […]

Parfum Musthave Teo Cabanel Lace Garden

Parfum Musthave #3 · Lace Garden

Lace Garden Close your eyes and get lost in the French gardens, which surround the Chateau of Fontainebleau. Where Magnolia and the Orange blossom alternate. With the summer ahead, it’s time for a new fragrance. Lace Garden is a delicate, white floral bouquet that starts with accented tuberose, after which it supports the classic white flowers like jasmine, orange blossom and magnolia. When the perfume develops, the (green) woody notes emerge. The generous vanilla is enhanced by a touch of benzoin. Let yourself be taken into the French story! The brand behind Lace Garden, TEO CABANEL, has a rich history going back to 1893 when the Cabanel Company is founded […]


Parfum Musthave #2 · Perdizione

A new year, a new perfume and of course a new perfume must-have. This time with Neroli in the spotlight. The relatively warm days alternated with a few cold nights require a perfume that keeps you warm, yet has the sparkling energy. PERDIZIONE This perfume revolves around Neroli, an essential oil that is produced from the blossom of the bitter orange tree. The slightly slightly metallic neroli creates a sensual shade to the perfume. This refines with the sweet yang-ylang and the elegant jasmine makes you get lost in your own thoughts. A moment when lost is not necessarily a bad thing and actually gives you a liberating feeling to […]

Teo Cabanel _Barkhane musthave

Parfum Musthave #1 · Barkhane

The cold days are there. Which parfum do you wear to keep yourself warm? There are thousands of perfumes on the market, but which one do you choice this season?! We found out for you. BARKHANE What do you have to know about this parfum? Barkhane lends its name to the smooth, velvety soft dunes that folds by the desert wind. Warm, rich and mysterious are the three words that describes this perfume the best. Jean Francois Latty, the nose behind the perfume, does not cut corners and opens the fragrance directly with a spicy introduction. In the heart you will find clearly the notes of spicy flowers, such as […]