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Acca Kappa_Gift 2018 CHRISTMAS IDEAS

ACCA KAPPA – Gift 2018

ACCA KAPPA · Bestsellers Last year we introduced the 15ml’s which was immediately a big succes during the festives. It was to be expected in a beautiful box combining several fragrances. The first combination with the fresh and clean Muschio Bianco (White Moss), alternated with the spicy Black pepper & Sandelwood and ofcourse the classic ACCA KAPPA parfum – 1869 [ordernummer 1256]. When you are a big fan of Muschio Bianco, and you want to alternate with Giallo Elicriso or 1869, then this larger box might be something for you [ordernummer 1246]. When satisfied with the Muschio Bianco and not really looking for new parfums then you will also like the colection […]


Bright smile with ACCA KAPPA

ACCA KAPPA makes you smile and goes with her time. After the introduction of two organic toothpastes, ACCA KAPPA now comes with a Charcoal variant for extra white teeth. Fresh mint, sage and liquorice has been added to the toothpaste. ACCA KAPPA also released a variant to protect against sensitive gums with Aloe Vera, organic marigold (Marigold) and lime balm. This is a gel toothpaste. All therefore to brush responsibly on a daily basis. At least brush your teeth twice a day but if you want you can also take your travel size with you for during the day. White tube: with eucalyptus, sage, mint and star anise for a […]

Fatherday top 5 inspiration

Fatherday Top 5

There is only one like him! Soon it will be father’s day again and that means everything to spoil your father. We have already picked the top 5 most beautiful Father’s Day gifts for you. Of course he only deserves the best! ACCA KAPPA – 15 ml giftset Introduce your father to the scents of ACCA KAPPA with the luxury gift box, with 3x 15 ml eau de parfum. Consisting of the 3 most popular scents of ACCA KAPPA; 1869 (EdP), Black Pepper & Sandalwood & Giallo Elicriso. Elegant and timeless perfumes. Make every day a special day! ACCA KAPPA – Beard care giftset Especially for the fathers with a […]

ACCA KAPPA - Scheren


The craftmanship of shaving has increased enormously recently. Shaving consists of different parts. There are different types of brushes, blades and products. Below we explain some products per component. SHAVING BURSHES On which details should you pay attention to when buying a shaving brush? What is the difference between the brushes and what does this have for an influence on the shaving experience? The use of a brush ensures the finishing touch in the total shaving experience. ACCA KAPPA – Natural Style ACCA KAPPA Natural Style shaving brush is made of a recycled wood-plastic combination, a mixed material that consists of wood remnants and reused plastic fiber. With this recycling […]


ACCA KAPPA · Muschio Bianco

The Muschio Bianco (White Moss) collection from Acca Kappa is multi-usable. For her and for him. This wide collection has, besides the top quality shaving products also for the ladies good care products such as the finest body lotion and as a topper the body butter. Like all Acca Kappa products, these are without synthetic anti-oxidants, no parabens, petrolates (raw material extracted from petroleum), silicones or genetically engineered raw materials (GMOs). Body cream made with shea butter and dermo active ingredients exclusively from the botanical (vegetable) origin. Karite (shea) is an indigenous tree that only occurs in Africa. The ‘butter’ obtained from cold pressing of the seeds is famous for […]


Mothersday Top5

We are proud of her. She is ready for us every day. What do you give your mother this year? We have selected the top 5 most beautiful Mother’s Day gifts. For the Mother who deserves something else; a unique mother a unique gift. TEO CABANEL – Lace Garden A beautiful floral perfume with the light-footedness of lace. The flower gardens of Fontainebleau Castle are the inspiration for this unique fragrance. A touch of lemon and ylang ylang and in the heart the orange blossom, jasmine, tuberose and the mysterious magnolia. Vanilla and benzoin in the base provide a powdery harmony; a divine sensation on the skin. A very French […]

ACCA KAPPA Shampoo & Conditioner

ACCA KAPPA · Shampoos & Conditioners

So many kind of hair types asks for different treatments. ACCA KAPPA, from brushmaker’s house, now has a rich collection of shampoos and conditioners, with formulas that are adapted to this time, without synthetic foam makers, without parabens and no GMOs. Frequently using plant / herbal extracts. Together with various brushes, for various purposes, to form such a complete collection. But when do you use which shampoo / conditioner / hair mask? ACCA KAPPA · Delicate hair For hair that has quickly splitting ends. A shampoo with an extremely rich formula that delicately nourishes and cleanses the hair. Its vegetable Keratin combines amino acids from plant sources, whose structure closely […]

ACCA KAPPA Brush Cleaner verzorging borstel

ACCA KAPPA · Brush Support

That shampoo has an influence on the quality of the hair we know by now. More and more we see blogs in which is told that daily washing your hair is not good for you. In addition, the number of shampoos based on natural ingredients and without SLS (synthetic foam maker) increases. But what you hardly hear is that the quality of your hairbrush also affects the quality of your hair.  Brushes with real (boar) hair care for the hair, so it ensures that the hair shaft remains nice and smooth and helps prevent split ends. It is preferable to brush the hair well before bedtime. The sebum of the […]

Acca Kappa_Hair parfum

NEW! ACCA KAPPA Hairparfum

Hair is having a tough time, every day it is exposed to environmental pollution, poor nutrition, medicines and chemical treatments that affect the keratinm structure. ACCA KAPPA is the first that comes with a hair perfume! A specially formulated perfume to envelop the hair with a pleasant scent and at the same time contribute to the improvement of the hair. In addition to the fresh White Moss fragrance, the hair perfume is rich in nutrients for the hair. Red wine and green tea extract.The organic extracts of green tea and red wine help protect the hair from damage caused by external influences. The red wine extract is obtained from the […]

Cadeau tip voor de feestdagen

Holiday gifts for this season

De avond valt steeds eerder, de wind begint harder te waaien en de bomen verliezen hun bladeren. De tijd van lichtjes en warme chocolademelk is weer aangebroken. Met de feestdagen voor de deur is het altijd handig om een beetje cadeau inspiratie op te doen. Welke beauty musthaves horen er dit jaar in de zak of onder de boom?! Wij hebben de leukste, lekkerste en mooiste cadeau’s voor jullie op een rijtje gezet. LEKKERE CADEAU’s WHEN MASK – Hydraterende gezichtsmaskers gemaakt van 100% bio cellulose. Ideaal voor de droge en gevoelige huid. Verschillende soorten voor verschillende momenten op de dag.  per stuk €12,95 · 4pack voor €39,95 via bol.com ACCA […]

Acca Kappa Mail&Win Smaak van Italie


YESS It’s time to win! Together with Smaak van Italie we are giving away 5 ACCA KAPPA gifts sets. What do you have to do? Go to the following link, enter your mailadres and win! https://www.desmaakvanitalie.nl/accakappa/

Acca Kappa shaving beard


ACCA KAPPA All fine beard products and accessoires for taking care of a perfect beard. No nasty things honest ingredients   Gently cleansing, preventing from skin irritation, contains Moringa purifying extract for a strong, glossy and healthy beard.     To nourish and soften the beard, Moringa prevents frizz, making beard strong and glossy       Light leave in fluid, restructuring, strengthen the beard and nourishes       Beard brush for full and long beard. This brush is with the black bristles and we have one for the short, growing beard with white bristles.     Barber_Shop_2017

Acca Kappa ShowerBrush Haarborstel

ACCA KAPPA Shower brush

A COLLECTION OF HAIRBRUSHES, especially thought to be used in the shower or after bathing, in a swimming pool or at the beach. These brushes are perfect on wet hair and their long pins help to detangle the hair without damaging its structure. They are suitable for all hair types easily removing knots, ideal also for children’s delicate hair.

Acca Kappa Sandalwood & Black Pepper - Nejma Collection Parfum D'Alice

Two Award winning perfumes in our collection

Two award winning perfumes available in our assortiment. We are proud to have them. Sandalwood & Black Pepper from Acca Kappa awarded by the Art and Olfaction Award. http://artandolfactionawards.com/2015-black-pepper-sandalw…/ Nejma d’ Alice, Le Parfum d’Alice, a new fragrance and the winning entry in the 2014 Young Perfumer of the Year Competition.