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Nobile 1942 -Il Sentiero


Nobile 1942, known for giving their perfumes beautiful names, which are inspired by places or important events in Italy. Pontevecchio is inspired by the bridge of love in Florence, Anonimo Veniziano links to the masked ball in Venice and .. The latest addition to the collection is Il sentiero degli dei, which also means “the path of the Gods” and refers to one of the most beautiful and famous hiking trails along the Mediterranean Sea. A popular one, known for its breathtaking Skyline between Bomerano and Nacelle, where the mountain ridges glide from the Lattari mountains and sink into the blue of the sea towards the island of Capri. Apart […]

Amouroud_Wet Stone


Mainly known from the black gold bottles, AMOUROUD also has a White Collection. For the time being it consisted of WHITE HINOKI (woody / spicy) and LUNAR VETIVER (woody / oriental), but recently there is WET STONE (spicy / citrus). WET STONE The sound of water cascading over jagged rocks as it descends,carving it’s way through a frozen landscape, Wet Stone evokes thevisceral power and magnificence of a mountain waterfall. Brisk and invigorating, sea salt, bergamot, and lemon mix in a sparkling top note. The aroma of fragrant wet earth dampened by the spray of churning water. Its minerality and freshness are unmistakable. In the heart, Wet Stone vibrates with a […]



Good news for those who love the Nobile 1942 Deluxe Collection! In addition to the fragrances RUDIS, MALIA and 1..1, a new perfume has recently been added, called SHAMAL. Just like the previous scents, SHAMAL is also packed in a handmade leather box. SHAMAL There is a moment in the desert that leaves spectators in total ecstasy. It happens when the day makes way for the night and the sky transforms, where shadows are perceived from black to blue and the stars fill the sky to keep the moon company. You have to admit – it is breathtaking. Unique and irresistible. The pearl fisherman lying on his back and enjoying […]

VCanto-Arsenico parfum musthave herfst 2018

Parfum Musthave #4 · ARSENICO

Lucretia, a true master of lethal and narcotizing potions, would often use it to mold reality to her pleasing and controlling the minds of her victims. The lethal strategist never went without it and loved to wear it in her exquisite golden ring, which featured a secret compartment specifically designed by artful jewelers to contain the lethal potion, rendering it instantly and constantly available, ready to be used whenever the need might arise. Lucretia’s skill in handling arsenic, combined with the reputation that this mighty potion gained, later inspired famous historical tragedies, such as that of Romeo and Juliet, and the tale of Madame  Bovary. The stylistic inspiration for this creation is […]

Teo Cabanel _Barkhane musthave

Parfum Musthave #1 · Barkhane

The cold days are there. Which parfum do you wear to keep yourself warm? There are thousands of perfumes on the market, but which one do you choice this season?! We found out for you. BARKHANE What do you have to know about this parfum? Barkhane lends its name to the smooth, velvety soft dunes that folds by the desert wind. Warm, rich and mysterious are the three words that describes this perfume the best. Jean Francois Latty, the nose behind the perfume, does not cut corners and opens the fragrance directly with a spicy introduction. In the heart you will find clearly the notes of spicy flowers, such as […]

Tiziana Terenzi Delox&Foconero De nieuwste parfums


We proudly present the new perfumes of TIZIANA TERENZI! Both part of the Classic Collection, which now consists of 6 gold and 6 black bottles. This autumn you will be assured of a scent where everyone will be jealous off. This with the holidays almost there.. Nice to give, great to receive!   DELOX A perfume inspired by the sailing trip around the Greek island group Cyclades. The essence of the summer -take care of the world- and full of impressive fragrances that bring the “Meltemi” (typical wind of these latitudes). The warm, sensual embrace is inspired by the unspoilt and untouched beauty of the Mediterranean. The strong aroma of […]

Nobile1942 Fougere

Fougère – Nobile 1942

Fougère Nobile Olfactory portrait of a Gentleman – 1946   “A fougère accord that for its time was avant-garde. With aquatic, sparkling, evocative top notes of fizzy water and bitter soda to accentuate his positive vision of the future Olfactory portrait of a Gentleman – 1946 “A fougère accord that for its time was avant-garde. With aquatic, sparkling, evocative top notes of fizzy water and bitter soda to accentuate his positive vision of the future. A fougère accord   that symbolises his devotion to his family, because it is in itself a reference to nature as sanctuary, thanks to its notes of natural origin. A fougère accord  that appeared for the first time in the […]

Nobile1942 pontevecchio men

Pontevecchio, Nobile 1942

Nobile 1942 has launched there Pontevecchio M in a Fragranza Suprema 75ml classic bottle. By changing the perfume into a higher concentration it changed a little. With this change the perfume is accessing a larger group of people who will really like it. The opening with tangerine and incense will find a lot of men exciting. The heart with the Iris Florentina, Rose wood and Geranium gives it power and also a powdery but strong touch. The Vetiver beholds the freshness besides the distinguished Patchouly and Sandalwood.

Lace Garden

The introduction of TEO Cabanel’s latest perfume: Lace Garden. The delicate scents of white flowers have woven a veil of soft lace as an ode to timeless feminine grace. Imagine a French garden bathed in soft light: you are experiencing Teo Cabanel’s delicate and romantic Lace Garden perfume.

Rudis! New Fragrance by Nobile1942 and Antonio Alessandria.

There is a new fragrance in town called Rudis! A co-creation by        Nobile 1942 and the Newcomer of the Year: Antonio Alessandria. Rudis takes you back to the Romans, where the gladiators ‘the swordsman’ were fighting for entertainment. The wooden sword they are using by the training is called Rudis. Antonio Alessandria and Nobile 1942 did a lot of research about the way of living of the gladiators. The fragrance captures the different parts of the gladiator’s journey: the red wine he drinks, the sword he grabs and the fight he is fighting. That’s why the fragrance opens with a rich mix of whiskey and leather, infused […]

NEW in The Netherlands: Antonio Alessandria

-NEW- The passion of perfume drove Antonio Alessandria to start creating his own perfume line. All the fragrances are characterized by strong contrasts, opulent structures and leather notes. All the names start with the letter N, like the night. Discover Antonio Alessandria here …