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Good news, NEJMA is back in our collection. The most successful perfume NEJMA 7 which is oh so popular just like Chanel 5 is again available. The collection is built around the ingredient OUD/AUD/AGARWOOD, subtly combined with ingredients like saffron, rose, jasmine and more. For more information on Aoud, check “Kennis blog” https://thescentcompany.com/ingredient-kennis-%c2%b7-oudh/ Marie Lise […]

Cadeau tip voor de feestdagen

Holiday gifts for this season

De avond valt steeds eerder, de wind begint harder te waaien en de bomen verliezen hun bladeren. De tijd van lichtjes en warme chocolademelk is weer aangebroken. Met de feestdagen voor de deur is het altijd handig om een beetje cadeau inspiratie op te doen. Welke beauty musthaves horen er dit jaar in de zak […]

Halloween parfum

Which perfume for which Halloween outfit?

Finding a suitable Halloween outfit is already a job on it selfs.. let stand what kind of perfume you should wear. It is easy to go for the laziest way and pick the perfume that you wear daily. But to make your Halloween really special and give your outfit more character we pick 5 perfumes.  […]

Nejma Collection #1


The Nejma universe is comprised of seven fragrances each based on the precious oriental base of oud and blended with different ingredients from around the world. Sandalwood from Mysore, Ottoman rose, Egyptian sambac and the jasmines of Arabia are among the ingredients that combine to create these new and exciting fragrance symphonies.  

Acca Kappa Sandalwood & Black Pepper - Nejma Collection Parfum D'Alice

Two Award winning perfumes in our collection

Two award winning perfumes available in our assortiment. We are proud to have them. Sandalwood & Black Pepper from Acca Kappa awarded by the Art and Olfaction Award. http://artandolfactionawards.com/2015-black-pepper-sandalw…/ Nejma d’ Alice, Le Parfum d’Alice, a new fragrance and the winning entry in the 2014 Young Perfumer of the Year Competition.   

Nejma parfum collection


We hear a lot about the ingredient Oud, but what is it actually?   NEJMA PERFUMES: Fragrances extracted from OUD Agarwood or Oud has been used to make high quality incense for centuries and was often used in religious and festive celebrations by Chinese, Arabian, Indian and Japanese people. In some countries oud was believed to […]