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– LA STANZA DELLE BAMBOLA –  “Let’s play pretending to be…” Children experience life with dolls and puppets.  Attended, pampered and loved dolls, a projection of daily life placed in a fantasy world created ad hoc by a childish imagination. But in this relationship with the doll there is also the mischief of a little girl who explores the world of adults, who communicates with an inanimated thing, she acts like an adult and builds her personality by freely expressing of her unconscious thoughts, hidden visions, also exorcising her own inner monsters. Mandarin, bergamot, milky notes, Hawtorn,  orange blossom, powdery notes, ylang ylang, Sandalwood, vanilla, tonka bean, musky notes   – […]
Nobile 1942 -Il Sentiero


Nobile 1942, known for giving their perfumes beautiful names, which are inspired by places or important events in Italy. Pontevecchio is inspired by the bridge of love in Florence, Anonimo Veniziano links to the masked ball in Venice and .. The latest addition to the collection is Il sentiero degli dei, which also means “the path of the Gods” and refers to one of the most beautiful and famous hiking trails along the Mediterranean Sea. A popular one, known for its breathtaking Skyline between Bomerano and Nacelle, where the mountain ridges glide from the Lattari mountains and sink into the blue of the sea towards the island of Capri. Apart […]



Good news for those who love the Nobile 1942 Deluxe Collection! In addition to the fragrances RUDIS, MALIA and 1..1, a new perfume has recently been added, called SHAMAL. Just like the previous scents, SHAMAL is also packed in a handmade leather box. SHAMAL There is a moment in the desert that leaves spectators in total ecstasy. It happens when the day makes way for the night and the sky transforms, where shadows are perceived from black to blue and the stars fill the sky to keep the moon company. You have to admit – it is breathtaking. Unique and irresistible. The pearl fisherman lying on his back and enjoying […]

Nobil1942- Levante


The NOBILE 1942 family is expanding with a wonderful summer fragrance for men and women. It opens with some neroli and maritime notes complemented with white flowers, this is a nice addition to the Nobile 1942 collection. The name “Levante” is derived from the old Italian word “levant” and means “to stand up” – and specifically the rising of the sun in the East. In addition, Levant was used as a historical term;  a piece of land in the eastern Mediterranean described. A piece of land that covers everything from Greece to Lebanon and Syria. The smell is as clear and sparkling as his inspiration. The salty breeze of the […]


Parfum Musthave #2 · Perdizione

A new year, a new perfume and of course a new perfume must-have. This time with Neroli in the spotlight. The relatively warm days alternated with a few cold nights require a perfume that keeps you warm, yet has the sparkling energy. PERDIZIONE This perfume revolves around Neroli, an essential oil that is produced from the blossom of the bitter orange tree. The slightly slightly metallic neroli creates a sensual shade to the perfume. This refines with the sweet yang-ylang and the elegant jasmine makes you get lost in your own thoughts. A moment when lost is not necessarily a bad thing and actually gives you a liberating feeling to […]


Parfum Guide · NOBILE 1942

To avoid confusion, it is good to know that the parfums of Nobile 1942 are officially unisex. Ultimately, the choice of a perfume also depends on the memories that someone has .. and fortunately, but what makes this a perfume personal. Nonetheless, a small guide has been created to help you on your way to the extensive collection of Nobile 1942. This way you may already make a first selection. The nice thing is that the smells can be linked to a number of questions. Based on this you get an image of the person in question. Does that person, for example, drink what someone loves on a balmy summer […]

Cadeau tip voor de feestdagen

Holiday gifts for this season

De avond valt steeds eerder, de wind begint harder te waaien en de bomen verliezen hun bladeren. De tijd van lichtjes en warme chocolademelk is weer aangebroken. Met de feestdagen voor de deur is het altijd handig om een beetje cadeau inspiratie op te doen. Welke beauty musthaves horen er dit jaar in de zak of onder de boom?! Wij hebben de leukste, lekkerste en mooiste cadeau’s voor jullie op een rijtje gezet. LEKKERE CADEAU’s WHEN MASK – Hydraterende gezichtsmaskers gemaakt van 100% bio cellulose. Ideaal voor de droge en gevoelige huid. Verschillende soorten voor verschillende momenten op de dag.  per stuk €12,95 · 4pack voor €39,95 via bol.com ACCA […]

Halloween parfum

Which perfume for which Halloween outfit?

Finding a suitable Halloween outfit is already a job on it selfs.. let stand what kind of perfume you should wear. It is easy to go for the laziest way and pick the perfume that you wear daily. But to make your Halloween really special and give your outfit more character we pick 5 perfumes.  NOBILE 1942 – Malìa Malìa tells the story of an innocent modern witch, a woman who seduces you with a smile, while you where still trying to imagine her personality. A woman who performs as a charming lady, but takes the power of the earth to conquer her prey. Innocent, nevertheless, she knows to play […]

Noblie1942 Gold

1..1 NOBILE 1942

1..1 The latest perfume from Nobile Profumeria Artistica “The idea of ”, the new fragrance from NOBILE 1942, says Stefania Giannino, Artistic Director for this Genovese brand, “is precisely this sense of continuity, of waiting, of seduction by words. Nobody gives a better idea of the power of seductive story-telling than Scheherazade, the heroine in Arabian Nights, who managed to enchant the man who wanted to kill her with her 1001 tales. It was this very book, which I adore and which I discovered in the original language during my studies of Arabic at L’Orientale university, that gave me the input for ” In line with our style, we chose […]

Nobile1942 Logo Silver

Patchouly Nobile 1942

The Collection: six scents developed on a specific theme: Acqua, Ambra, Patchouli, Muschio, Fougère, Sandalo The white and black stripes, marble and slate maden. The packaging is inspired to the typical architectural element in Genoa noble’s buildings. We can find these elements even in the Genoese cathedral, San Lorenzo. Delicate elegance, rich in personality. Patchouli, Patchouly from Nobile 1942 can be called very elegant and distinguished. Opens robust but after a while turns into an elegant perfume that has a long lasting.

Nobile 1942 Vespri Collection Citrus Fresh Summer Fragrance

Nobile Vespri for the summer

Vespri Esperidati fresh with Bergamot, Grapefruit, Sicilian Lemon combined with Orange, Jasmin Ambery Wood and Patchouly but still refreshing. If you want a bit more spicy therefore we have Vespri Aromatico with Bergamot, Fennel, Green notes, Rosemary and Juniper, Sandal, Cashmere, Moss. Or if you like Oriental we offer you Vespri Oriental opening with Lemon, Bergamot and Tangerine combined with Oud, Jasmin and Patchouly. You can’t miss this summer.

Nobile1942 Extrait parfum

Nobile 1942

Nobile 1942 As with any true story, the beginning is never a specific point in time or in space, but intersects and interacts with other stories; it moves, changes, transforms, and recalls images, emotions, and fragrances. The year was 1942, and a man had decided to start a new business, with the war at his doorstep, at the nerve center of a nation in turmoil: Rome. Umberto Nobile, a name that has always been synonymous with luxury fragrances, continued pursuing his passion, his lifelong vocation. Driven by a love for all things beautiful, a passion handed down from father to son, taught by women of great conviction and style; a […]

Nobile1942 Sandalo Fragrance for Men

Sandalo Nobile 1942

Sandal Nobile is created around the noble raw material of Sandalwood and the idea of its properties and the positive impact on the emotional wellness. Top notes Saffron, Cumin seeds Middle notes Iris, Fig tree, Gurjum Base notes Sandelwood, Siamese benzoin, White musk, Cedar wood

Nobile1942 New perfume Malia

Malia be wiched

1 “Some say she is a witch, but she couldn’t care less, what others think doesn’t matter to her, she makes love for fun and she’s not even that keen on it, she doesn’t make any promises and never loses her head. Saturday night she goes to her club, with her best girlfriends, all hungry for love, then, like a real queen she guides them all, tells them who is the most handsome and orders them not to touch him, he’s hers”. MALÌA STORY We are at the end of the sixteenth century: right in the middle of the Counter-Refor-Mation period, in a tiny town in southern Piedmont. The power […]

NOBILE 1942 & TERENZI in the Nouveau

In the august edition of the Nouveau you will find an artikel about perfumes with a story… And of cours Nobile1942 and Tiziana Terenzi  are there. True craftsmanship is what we want! NOBILE 1942 & TERENZI • Nouveau AUG15