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Last Thursday we were in Utrecht at the Retail and Brands Festival. An event full of information about the future of retail, technology to support retail and a number of interesting speakers. As a distributor, you also want to know what is going on in retail, so that you can look at the next steps together with the retailer. Consumers are no longer as they used to be and increasingly demand an omnichannel approach. In other words, integration of online and offline. Below are some speakers that were present at the event. The Age of Assistance – GOOGLE Our behavior evolved with the phone. A consumer is not looking for […]

The perfume dinner

Recently we organized the Parfum-Dinner in Maaseik, Belgium, together with Parfumerie Margaux and Restaurant Smaakkamer Lavendel. An inspiring evening with a lot of smell, taste and renewed interpretations of ingredients. Explanation about the perfumes and the background, explanation of the dishes and the matching wines. In total there were 7 dishes, 7 scents and 7 wines. The evening started with a refreshing Gin Tonic. How does it work? In collaboration with the perfumery we make a selection from the perfumes on the shelves and deliver them to the chef with the scent pyramids to get inspiration for ingredients in his dishes. The wine is also tailored to the tastes and […]

The Scent Company bij Esxence 2018

ESXENCE overview 2018

Also this year there was another great offer at the fair in Milan. With about 220 brands in perfumes and cosmetics there is now also added is the presentation and choice over. In addition, there are also several presentations on several other locations so all in all are about 300 brands that show itself. Also we have to conclude that there are many try their luck to acquire a place in this market. It is more difficult every year to the beads out and we notice that there sometimes but a life cycle is of 2 years for some brands. Thus distinguish this not from the mass brands. We are […]

Hotspots Ibiza 2018

Top 5 hotspots Ibiza 2018

COTTON BEACH CLUB With a view on the beautiful beach and blue sea of Cala Tarida, Cotton Beach Club is highly recommended. The restaurant is located on top of a cliff so you don’t see all the sunlovers. The interior is white and chic, making this location often used for weddings. Get carried away by the music and the delicious food. Pure enjoyment. When you have eaten sushi at Cotton Beach Club no sushi restaurant is not the same anymore. Carrer Posta de Sol, 21 · Cala Tarida www.cottonbeachclub.com   CAMPOS DE IBIZA SHOP The full Ibiza feeling? In the Campos de Ibiza shops they sell beautiful and nice things […]


New Year’s Party

Sunday 28th of January we have held our New Years drink. A large number of customers, friends and family were around us. Enjoying the lovely snacks from famous Jean Beddington and musi form DJ Gerrit-Jan with his lovely collection of vinyl Italian 50-60’s music. It was unforgetable en this is the way we love to see everybody all together.

Bottega Profumiera Officina delle Essenze

Bottega Profumiera

“It’s much easier to be a hero than a gentleman, heroes can be from time to time, gentlemen always.” Luigi Pirandello This phrase from Luigi Pirandello, Italian dramatist and novelist, Nobel Prize in Literature in 1934, tells in a perfect way, in my opinion, the meaning to be a gentleman, today more than ever. In this phrase, in the concept that expresses, there is a lot of strenght, simplicity and natural elegance, qualities that should be the heritage of a gentleman. I tried to translate in a perfume this message and I dedicated it to my father and my grandfather, my always gentlemen. Thanks. Olfactory Notes Tangerine, Anise, Nutmeg, Ginger, […]

Press day in the new showroom

Last Friday we invited the Dutch beautypress to visit our new showroom. This in combination with an introduction of the new fragrances of ANTONIO ALESSANDRIA, parfumer/nose from Sicily and the new fragrance from NOBILE 1942. Stefania Giannino-Nobile explained us the gladiator of the old Rome. With his old wooden sword, Rudis, he had to practice for his battles and finally his freedom. In the new showroom The Scent Company welcomes her clients and staff, to show them the collections or gives training on new products. Please contact Robert of Liesbeth to plan an appointment.

La Parisienne 2014 with Teo Cabanel!

Last Sunday we joined the famous ladies run ‘La Parisienne’.  More than 35.000 women were running through the streets of Paris, all to fight against cancer! It was amazing to see and of course to join. Teo Cabanel is participating every year and we felt blessed to be a part of this lovely-sporty team. For runs like this, Teo Cabanel – Meloe is the ultimate fragrances! Fresh and spicy notes.. like the Bergamot form Calabria, Neroli from Tunisia, Mandarin and Lemon from Sicily.  Base notes of musk, amber and woody notes. And for everyone who like to travel light there is a roller ball! Or.. for in every bag!!