We hear a lot about the ingredient Oud, but what is it actually?

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NEJMA PERFUMES: Fragrances extracted from OUD

Agarwood or Oud has been used to make high quality incense for centuries and was often used in religious and festive celebrations by Chinese, Arabian, Indian and Japanese people. In some countries oud was believed to have had medicinal virtues.

The oil extracted from Agarwood is used in Arabian countries as a perfume. Although in the past, rose and Jasmine were preferred Agarwwood is now the ultimate contemporary designer fragrance ingredient.

Agarwood is reputed to be the most expensive wood in the world. Oud is a resinous fragrant heartwood (central part of the tree) that occurs in trees belonging to species of the Aquilaria family. Agarwood forms as a reaction to fungal attack. The trees that become infected by the bacteria will secrete a fragrant acting like a protective oil into the wounded areas of the trunk. Only 20% of Aquilaria trees give Oud that is scented. Oud oil production requires a minimum of 20 Kg of resinous wood to produce 12ml of oil.

Aqualiria species producing Agarwood are found naturally in South, Southeast Asia and the Indian sub-continent. Later on its plantations were extended to a number of countries including Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Thailand…



Mysterious and sensual, with a hidden power of destruction under her radiant innocence, captivating and unforgettable, impossible to conquer…

Forever immortalized by the 19th Century Spanish poet G.A. Bécquer,

Rima XI
– Yo soy un sueño, un imposible,
vano fantasma de niebla y luz;
soy incorpórea, soy intangible;
no puedo amarte.
– ¡Oh, ven, ven 

Top notes
Guatemalan Cardamom, Madagascan Black Pepper, Moroccan Nanah Mint, Saffron

Mid notes
Ceylon Cinnamon, Indonesian Nutmeg, Indian Jasmine Sambac, Coriander

Base notes
Virginian Cedar Wood, Australian Sandal Wood, Madagascan Vanilla Absolute, Benzoin from Laos, Soft Amber, Musk


Thanks to Natalia Del Rey

Lace Garden

The introduction of TEO Cabanel’s latest perfume: Lace Garden. The delicate scents of white flowers have woven a veil of soft lace as an ode to timeless feminine grace. Imagine a French garden bathed in soft light: you are experiencing Teo Cabanel’s delicate and romantic Lace Garden perfume.

Press Event ‘She loves brilliant perfumes.’

Press event 29 January 2015

After the Xmas holidays we are preparing ourselves for the spring season. On Thursday morning press was invited to meet the people behind the brands of TEO CABANEL and CAMPOS de IBIZA, experience the latest fragrance, Lace Garden and to find out the passion that Aurélie Kahn has for IBIZA.

The introduction of TEO Cabanel’s latest perfume: Lace Garden. The delicate scents of white flowers have woven a veil of soft lace as an ode to timeless feminine grace. Imagine a French garden bathed in soft light: you are experiencing Teo Cabanel’s delicate and romantic Lace Garden perfume.

Let yourself be swept away by just its touch of light lemon ylang- ylang. Now lean closer into the heart of a lavish bouquet of jasmine, orange blossom and tuberose where magnolia awaits to be discovered. Generous vanilla tints are magnified by a hint of benzoin. In a final wooded powdery accord, Lace Garden rewards your skin with a divine sensation.

December Inspiration

December just started, time to think about the Christmas presents for him or her. And this Christmas will be GOLD! We selected the best of the best for the cold snowy days.

December Fragrance Inspiration
December Fragrance Inspiration 2014

From left to right.
Terenzi – White Fire  ‘The silence of the snow; its dazzling white brought alive and sparkling by the flickering flames. The good,clean fragrance is simple and silvery, like the carefree laughter of a child, and innocent and gentle as a loving caress.’
Nejma – Bois de Aoud ‘A Woody fragrance for women and men.’
Nobile 1942 – La danza delle libellule ‘A pure vanilla, supported with cocoa and musk, comforts and pampers to soothe even the most troubled heart.’

Teo Cabanel – Berkhane Rich, warm and mysterious, Barkhane borrows its name from the smooth, velvety dunes which gently ripple under powerful desert winds.’
Nejma – 7 ‘A dynamic head consistinf in a mixture of sparkling citrus fruits, leaves place to a sensual Néroli flower dressed by greedy notes of cacao and coconut.’
Terenzi – Lilipur This stop of the journey was Nepal, in search of a more intimate and solitary spirituality in an ancient capital renowned for its marvelous, mystical, higher state of being.’
Teo Cabanel – Alahine ‘An oriental fragrance which was inspired by luxurious oriental palaces.’
Profumi del Forte – Versilia Aurum Treasures that become fragrances, intangible scents to decline new virtues of an extraordinary land, to add new details to the emotions of a holiday, to give colour and shape to memories of sea, pinewoods, summer.’

Rudis! New Fragrance by Nobile1942 and Antonio Alessandria.

There is a new fragrance in town called Rudis! A co-creation by        Nobile 1942 and the Newcomer of the Year: Antonio Alessandria. Rudis takes you back to the Romans, where the gladiators ‘the swordsman’ were fighting for entertainment. The wooden sword they are using by the training is called Rudis. Antonio Alessandria and Nobile 1942 did a lot of research about the way of living of the gladiators.

Rudis by Nobile 1942
Rudis by Nobile 1942

The fragrance captures the different parts of the gladiator’s journey: the red wine he drinks, the sword he grabs and the fight he is fighting. That’s why the fragrance opens with a rich mix of whiskey and leather, infused with tart fruits, smoky wood and saffron. After that it develops with roses, patchouli and other spices into a balanced unisex fragrance with a masculine tone.


Besides the fragrance the packing is also a very interesting given. Handmade from Florentine waxed leather by craftsman in Italy. The logo of Nobile 1942 is stamped into the waxy red of the leather. Because the whole process takes a lot of manual work, there is per month a limited number available.

Rudis! Real craftsman by Nobile 1942
Rudis! Real craftsman by Nobile 1942


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