All fine beard products and accessoires for taking care of a perfect beard. No nasty things honest ingredients



Gently cleansing, preventing from skin irritation, contains Moringa purifying extract for a strong, glossy and healthy beard.




To nourish and soften the beard, Moringa prevents frizz, making beard strong and glossy





Light leave in fluid, restructuring, strengthen the beard and nourishes





Beard brush for full and long beard. This brush is with the black bristles and we have one for the short, growing beard with white bristles.





Rose Absolute, Raspberry, Cinnamon, Cloves, Bulgarian Rose, Poppy, Incense, Patchouli Chestnut Wood, Benjamin, Amber, Musk & Myrrh
PORPORA Rose Absolute, Raspberry, Cinnamon, Cloves, Bulgarian Rose, Poppy, Incense, Patchouli Chestnut Wood, Benjamin, Amber, Musk & Myrrh

Around the garden of the house there was a huge, beautiful rose garden, lovingly tended to with skill and wisdom by Nonna Luigia. This corner of paradise issued dense, alluring scents which became even more intense by evening, as the temperature would gradually fall, cooled down by the light breeze wafting in from the sea. Their grandfather would pick the roses of this magical place and use them to make his precious absolutes, with wisdom and patience. Paolo and Tiziana would help him to collect hundreds and thousands of large scented, velvety purplish petals, which he would then artfully place in the darkened copper pot of his alchemist’s alembic, which would shine like the moon.


ECLIX Vanilla Tahitensis, Almond, Iris, Tangerine, Lemon, Violet, White Lily, Petitgrain, Sandalwood, Cedar wood, Iris root, Musk & Amber

A particular eclipse, which takes place once every 32 months in the celestial cosmos but has been frightening civilizations
since time began. A new creation that joins the Moon Collection, where the fairytale
element of the memory always surfaces boldly to explore the line that separates memory from fantasy and magic from reality. Just like that warm embrace, the creation, enclosed in a inscrutable black bottle with a jewel-shaped cap, opens up and envelopes its wearer with the sweetness of precious Tahiti vanilla

1..1 NOBILE 1942

1..1 The latest perfume from Nobile Profumeria Artistica

“The idea of ”, the new fragrance from NOBILE 1942, says Stefania Giannino, Artistic Director for this Genovese brand, “is precisely this sense of continuity, of waiting, of seduction by words. Nobody gives a better idea of the power of seductive story-telling than Scheherazade, the heroine in Arabian Nights, who managed to enchant the man who wanted to kill her with her 1001 tales. It was this very book, which I adore and which I discovered in the original language during my studies of Arabic at L’Orientale university, that gave me the input for ”

In line with our style, we chose an Italian Perfumer, Luca Maffei.

Here are his thoughts:

The name of the fragrance, 1001, made me immediately think of the marvelous story that we all know and that continues to fascinate entire generations. I imagined a young woman, beautiful, strong and courageous. if you like, and somehow the symbol of all today’s women, regardless of race or ethnic group. I wanted the ingredients I chose to recall the mystery of the Orient with its colours, aromas and flavours.
The main player in this fragrance is Papyrus.
The perfum opens with Bergamot, Red Tea, Ginger Fresh, Elemi, Pink Pepper supported by Fleur Papyrus, Turkish Rose Essence, Jasmine Grandiflorum Abs., Iris, Saffron, Curcuma Abs. and finishes  with Patchouly, Sandalwood, Amber, Vanilla, Musk
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Tevreden klant

Anonimo Veneziano NOBILE 1942

Even een complimentje voor jullie. Werd onlangs besnuffeld door 2 vrouwen. Haha.

Was in een piep klein winkeltje toen een andere klant binnenkwam. Haar eerste opmerking was:  “Wie ruikt hier zo lekker.” Dat bleek ik dus te zijn. Ook in de lift op mijn werk wordt dat regelmatig gezegd.

Elke ochtend als ik het parfum op doe, vind ik het een heerlijke geur. Ook nog na al die jaren.

Dus compliment voor jullie.

Liefs, Karin



The Creative Director of the brand is Santiago Burgas, passionate about the Costa Brava and the animal world. He began to create learning how to sew and to embroider when he was just a child. His university studies in fashion design laid the foundation for his creative career path, first in fashion design by launching his own designer brand and later, in 2008, he started a new stage of his career entering the world of Author Perfumery, and he created his own company with the desire to translate his artistic inspiration into high quality perfumes and design.

His projects have the characteristics of being based on nature, and the life of insects, especially regarding the behaviour of ants, what is translated into a new way of thinking and acting in the perfumery field


CARNER komt met de Floral collectie binnenkort in de parfumerie te verkrijgen

BESOS Italiaanse mandarijn, zwarte peper van Madagskar. Midden: Jasmijn sambac absolu en Iris absolu. Basis: bezoin van Laos, vanille en musk

BESOS, overladen met kusjes, een romantisch sprankelend en zacht parfum. Tonen van zwarte peper, mandarijn, jasmijn en vanille vormen samen een explosie van passie. De verdovende mix van kruiden zullen alle zintuigen prikkelen en sprankelen met emotie. We zien hier de liefde van Sara van haar drie kleine jongens, die ze graag overlaadt met kusjes en knuffels. Zacht en liefdevol.


LATIN LOVER Italiaanse bergamot, Ylang-Ylang van Moheli, Chinese Magnolia. vioolabsolu, Jasmijn sambac absolu, Franse narcis absolu. Bezoin van Laos, Indonesische Patchoeli, witte musk

LATIN LOVER, “we brengen het provocerende, verleidelijke van de Latin Lover, een verslavende geur vol met karakter en gemaakt met liefde”. Trekt de aandacht van alle zintuigen, vangt en creëert vonken van verlangen. Soepele verleiding en warmbloedige passie, een aroma dat je in verrukking brengt.




SWEET WILLIAM Witte peper, cardamom, kaneelschors, galangal (Laos wortel). Dianthus , Ylang-Ylang, rozenwater extract, tabaksbloem. leerachtige ambergris met vleugje peper, teer, tabak, koffie, Iris van Florence, Vanille absolu

SWEET WILLIAM  Een hoffelijke verlangen naar liefde, we brengen Sweet William, een aantrekkelijk parfum, gemaakt met liefde. Hopeloos verliefde vrijgezellen lieten hun portret schilderen met een rode anjer, het symbool van hun zoektocht naar de ware liefde. Exotische kruiden zoals witte peper met het poëtisch rozenwater, ylang-ylang en iris geven een langdurige rijkdom en de essentie van de adel. Een geur die zal charmeren en de ziel zal beïnvloeden.


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