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By Stephanie Helmer

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The craftmanship of shaving has increased enormously recently. Shaving consists of different parts. There are different types of brushes, blades and products. Below we explain some products per component.


On which details should you pay attention to when buying a shaving brush? What is the difference between the brushes and what does this have for an influence on the shaving experience? The use of a brush ensures the finishing touch in the total shaving experience.

Eco Scheerkwast Acca Kappa recycled
Acca Kappa Scheerkwast borstel
Acca Kappa luxe scheerkwast dassenhaar

ACCA KAPPA – Natural Style

ACCA KAPPA Natural Style shaving brush is made of a recycled wood-plastic combination, a mixed material that consists of wood remnants and reused plastic fiber. With this recycling effort, wood dust and residual plastic waste powder is mixed to obtain a relatively firm consistency which is then cast into a brush. 40% of this composition comes from plant material (wood waste). The hairs of the brush are made of a synthetic material, not of animal origin and therefore the shaving set is also ‘vegan-friendly’.

Available in blue, brown or black (anthracite)

ACCA KAPPA – Classic Style

ACCA KAPPA Classic Style shaving brush is made of X and pure badger hairs.

ACCA KAPPA – Luxury Style

Not too much the flagship of ACCA KAPPA. The Luxuy Style shaving brush is made of Wengé wood combined with Silvertip badger hair, which provide the luxurious experience. Silvertip badger hair is known as one of the best hairs for the shaving brush. This is because these hairs come from the neck of the badger and therefore feels extremely soft. The advantage of these extremely soft hairs is the flexibility that ensures the massage of shaving foam in the skin.

Make sure you never use synthetic shaving products when shaving with Silvertip dasher. This affects the quality of the hair.



ACCA KAPPA – Natural Style

Just like the shaving brush is also the ACCA KAPPA Natural Style razor made recycled wood-plastic combination. 40% of this composition comes from plant material (wood waste), a mixed material consisting of wood residues and recycled plastic fiber. The blades themselves are the well-known Gillette Mach3 system.

Available in blue, brown or black (anthracite)



ACCA KAPPA – Travel size

Yet experience the full shaving experience while on vacation? ACCA KAPPA Travel size, made of zebra wood, fits with its 10cm fits this razor blade in every toilet bag. The Gillette Fushion system also fits here.

No worries! The ACCA KAPPA Travel size razor also includes an ACCA KAPPA Travel size shaving brush.



ACCA KAPPA – Luxury Style

Ergonomisch design with Italian quality. Just like the shaving brush the razor is also made out of Wengé wood and it uses the Mach 3 shaving blades.

Eco Natural Scheermes Acca Kappa
Scheermes travelsize Acca Kappa
Acca Kappa Scheren luxe


Voor het scheren Pre Shave ingegroeide haartjes
Acca Kappa Scheerzeep White Moss
Na het scheren. After Shave Baume.be

BAUME. BE – Pre Shave Gel

BAUME.BE Pre Shave Gel prepares the skin and the beard for shaving. It softens the hair and cares for the skin, while applying an extra hydration layer to prevent irritation. Rich in hydrating glycerin and antioxidant-rich vitamin E and carrot oil. Specially developed for sensitive skin.



ACCA KAPPA – White Moss shaving soap

The ACCA KAPA White Moss shaving soap is a rich shaving soap that provides optimum shaving results with protective and softening ingredients such as extract of olive leaves and argan oil. A slightly damp brush should be used to foam the soap. Check out all the great shaving products based on natural ingredients and made for a sensitive skin.



BAUME.BE – After Shave Balm

BAUME.BE After Shave Balm is a cooling and blissful reward after shaving. The After Shave Balm has been specially developed to smooth the skin and reduce the redness caused by shaving. Rich in essential oils and does not contain alcohol.


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