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ACCA KAPPA is celebrating her 150 years anniversary. It goes back all the way to 1869, when Herman Kroll startes trading with the fortunate Venetians.  This year a celebration of a rich and eventful years. Tehe old factory has been completely renovated and ready for another 150 years to come.


It all started with Herman Krüll, a young salesman whoimported pearls, sponges and brushes for the well-to-do Venetian. Soon he opened his own factory in Treviso.

Here the first brushes with the initials of HK, AK (phonetic) were made by hand. To this day, there are artisans in the factory who know their trade, who know what the best quality and finest finish is for the beautiful woods.

As behind granddaughter, Elisa Gera-Krüll is the head of this valuable family business.

credits : Andrea Verzola https://bit.ly/2Tf6D1Z


The factory has been providing employment for the entire region for many years. There are even third generations of employees working in the company. ACCA KAPPA shows that it has been a good employer in Treviso for decades. For this contribution and the historical value of the company, Elisa Gera-Krüll therefore received a certificate from the city administration.

To be ready for the future, the factory has recently undergone a major renovation. A project that has taken two years, but then it can also be said that Treviso has a pearl in it and Acca Kappa is ready for the next 150 years.


On Friday, September 27, 2019, all employees, distributors, and agents from around the world were invited to celebrate this 150th anniversary. A warm welcome in the courtyard of the factory and while enjoying delicious snacks and drinks, a toast was made with the “girls” of ACCA KAPPA. The musical trio and fairy-clad girls with red roses in their long hair made for an extra festive decoration for the evening.

At the place where the machines were, the hall was now decorated with large round tables, beautifully covered with flowers, candles and shimmering glassware. Each table was named after a scent that referred to the scent that you had received upon arrival. As a result, the table was laid out evenly and we sat down with the distributors of Switzerland, Sweden, England and Estonia.

Elisa wanted to give back the feeling of the hospitality she experiences on her business trips. We can certainly say that she has succeeded.

credits : Andrea Verzola https://bit.ly/2Tf6D1Z


Een indrukwekkende diashow kwam op het gebouw tot leven; het startsein van de lancering van het nieuwe parfum: Myscent 150. Samen met haar zoontje sneed Elise een meters lange millefuille aan en kreeg iedereen het nieuwe parfum cadeau. Wat was het sprookjesachtig! Een avond vol dierbare herinneringen.

MyScent 150-parfum, the signature of Elisa Gera Krüll; Inspired by her personality is a sensory experience that will probably appeal to anyone who loves Acca Kappa.

The rich and special bouquet first reveals a sparkling bergamot accompanied by incense and Iris absolu; then it melts together through the heat of vetiver, vanilla, benzoin and amber.

Charming and welcoming, it is a very charismatic fragrance, one that you will not forget. The packaging underlines the 150th anniversary: a box in book form that has been specially designed for the event. Readers will find a poem in it that expresses the atmosphere of MyScent 150 in words. (100 ml eau de parfum € 139)

Acca Kappa has been aware of the environment and nature for years and that is why raw materials come from renewable sources or, for example, high-quality plastics are used to make a “turtle” soap box. A shaving set made entirely of recycled material also belongs to the collection.

Over the years, the Acca Kappa collection has grown, but always with an eye to innovation and progress.

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