Nobile Vespri voor de zomer


Vespri Esperidati fresh with Bergamot, Grapefruit, Sicilian Lemon combined with Orange, Jasmin Ambery Wood and Patchouly but still refreshing. If you want a bit more spicy therefore we have Vespri Aromatico with Bergamot, Fennel, Green notes, Rosemary and Juniper, Sandal, Cashmere, Moss. Or if you like Oriental we offer you Vespri Oriental opening with Lemon, Bergamot and Tangerine combined with Oud, Jasmin and Patchouly

You can’t miss this summer.

Long Board

long board 75mllong board
Salty Surf. Warm Sun on bare skin. Sea birds sing as the Ocean whispers. Balmy. Suspended Moments of Storytelling and
Laughter with friends.
A splash of orange blossom reveals salty marine notes,
embraced by tropical coconuts and solar cream.
An earthy vetiver heart melts into a base of vanilla and
amber. Pure bliss.
Inspired by hot summer days in the Pacific, this
scent juxtaposes the nature of previous chapter
with a tropical, balmy signature.
This aquatic floral aroma is all about the sun-
kissed skin. It’s romantic and dreamy, infused
with the kiss of summer.
T: Cardamom, Marine Note
H: Nuts, Solar Cream, Orange Blossom
B: Amber, Vanilla, Vetyver

Le Delicieux

Nejma introduceert Le Délicieux in een witte flacon. Een beauty voor het voorjaar, zomer. Wat ontdekken wij: in de opening een sprankelende pittige roze peper die mooi harmoniseert met het fris sappig fruit. De volle bloemen in het poederige hart bevatten jasmijn en Damascus roos, maar ook witte orchidee en Iris uit Italië. In de drydown komt de caramel, amber en vanille naar voren, die samen met patchouli het parfum een warm karakter geeft.

Top: roze peper, italiaanse citroen, gele manadrijn

Midden: sambac jasmijn, Damascus roos, witte orchidee, italiaanse iris

Basis: patchouli, vetiver, vanille, caramel, tonka boon

A close-up beauty portrait of a smiling young confident woman looking straight at the camera. The woman has blue eyes and long dark curly hair that lighly covers half of her face. The woman's shoulder is visible and covered with a neutral gray fabric. She is isolated on a dark background. Developed from RAW; retouched with special care and attention; small amount of grain added for best final impression; ready made for print and web use;
A close-up beauty portrait of a smiling young confident woman looking straight at the camera. The woman has blue eyes and long dark curly hair that lighly covers half of her face. The woman’s shoulder is visible and covered with a neutral gray fabric. She is isolated on a dark background. Developed from RAW; retouched with special care and attention; small amount of grain added for best final impression; ready made for print and web use;



Costarela evokes that unique feeling of freedom that one can only experience when admiring the immensity of the open sea; a perfume that captures the marine mediterrean breeze and the salty woody smell of the old boats ashored on the sand.Costarela by Carner Barcelona is a Citrus Aromatic fragrance for women and men. This is a new fragrance. Costarela was launched in 2016. Top notes are bergamot and saffron; middle notes are sea notes and sand; base notes are virginia cedar, ambroxan and amber.


To complete his perfume collections and offer a real blend between East and West, HAYARI PARIS found its inspiration from Sheherazade’s One Thousand and One Nights tales, which used to fascinate the sultan every evening before he fell into sleep. Thus, we imagine the queen wearing an exquisite cocktail dress with a few drops of a mysterious woodsy smell. Likewise, we visualize with great delight the strong and naughty Aladdin, spreading on town a few drops of this same fragrance.

Nabil Hayari also wished to bring out a sweet orange blossom scent, tender souvenir of his childhood’s garden where orange trees used to bloom under the golden sun.

the new oud

To finish, the tuberose partners with the oud wood in order to make this dream into a contemporary perfume. Since the XVIth century, this flower’s particular smell captivates perfumers and artists. Zola even declares in Nana that « when tuberoses decompose, they have a human smell », hence their enigmatic and captivating scent. Indeed, even after they have been gathered, tuberose flowers continue to diffuse their smell.

The first inspiration of this mixed perfume is the collection of female fragrances dedicated to white flowers. This time, the tuberose appears, fascinating, powerful and enigmatic. Its intoxicating and alluring scents bring a fresh start to the travel invitation of this new opus introduced by the designer.

Soon available in the Benelux. Hayari Creations Parfums et AccessoiresThe NEW OUD. A first in perfumery, a subtle association between Tuberose and Oud, hence its name “NEW OUD”.

Pistola 500ml

Officina delle Essenze presen...

Pistola Profumo ( Perfume Gun ) for large spaces:
This home spray has been studied to give perfume to rooms of large spaces. The idea to call it «Perfume Gun» comes from its particular pump that has the peculiarity to «shoot» in the air a large quantity of perfume creating a sort of perfumed cloud in the air.
We like to imagine that, one day, we will use Guns to shoot only Perfumes !

ARANCIA CANNELLA: the classic blend of the sunny note of orange with the warm scent of Ceylon cinnamon. Note: Sweet Orange and Ceylon Cinnamon

AMBRA: a warm and seductive touch for an exotic and comforting note. Note: Amber and Musk

VANIGLIA: the voluptuous sweetness of Tahitian vanilla with notes of caramel. Note: Tahitian Vanilla and Caramel

MUSCHIO BIANCO: delicata freschezza del muschio vegetale con fondo legnoso e cipriato Note: Muschio vegetale con note Talcate

TALCUM: the unmistakable notes of perfumed, soft powder bringing back memories of childhood. Note: Iris, rose and bourbon vanilla

BREZZA MARINA: the atmosphere of the Mediterranean coast, with notes of the sea and maritime pines. Note: Marine note, Juniper and Maritime Pine

PEPE NERO: all the elegance of the spicy note of black pepper
Note: Black Pepper, Nutmeg, Clove

PATCHOULI: a breath of the Orient, captured in the precious aromatic Indonesian leaves.
Note: Indonesian Patchouli, Sandalwood

LEGNO DI ROSA: directly from the heart of the Amazon, an elegant, relaxing and harmonious blend of woods. Note: Rosewood, Sandalwood

LIQUIRIZIA: gourmand note of liquorice with fresh mint
Note: Liquorice, Mint

PURO LINO: the comforting scent of freshly washed linen hanging in a field of flowers.
Note: White Flowers, Jasmin, aldehyde and Coumarin

PURO NEROLI: the fragrant essence of bitter orange flowers combined with vibrant notes of citrus.
Note: Tunisian Neroli, Calabrian Bergamot, Lemon leaves and Vetiver

PURO FICO: the fresh essence of fig leaves, evoking a Mediterranean summer.
Note: fig leaves, almond milk, coconut milk, sandalwood

SCORZE & SPEZIE: warm combination of citrus tangerine and spicy nutmeg note:tangerine, cinnamon, nutmeg

ANGOSTURA: a perfume inspired by the famous Venezuelan liquor with amber notes
fragranza ispirata alla nota pianta sudamericana utilizzata in molti cocktails con fondo tipicamente ambrato note: gentian, clove, amber

MIRTO DI SARDEGNA: the essence of the typical plant of Sardinia island in Italy, a suggestion of its beautiful costs note: myrtus, laudanum,

FRESCO BOSCO: the feeling to be in a real coniferous forest
note: pine, fir, cypresse, sequoia

Nobile 1942

Nobile 1942
As with any true story, the beginning is never a specific point in time or in space, but intersects and interacts with other stories; it moves, changes, transforms, and recalls images, emotions, and fragrances. The year was 1942, and a man had decided to start a new business, with the war at his doorstep, at the nerve center of a nation in turmoil: Rome. Umberto Nobile, a name that has always been synonymous with luxury fragrances, continued pursuing his passion, his lifelong vocation.
Driven by a love for all things beautiful, a passion handed down from father to son, taught by women of great conviction and style; a vocation made of sensations, seduction, and intuition; a quest for the highest quality standards. A curiosity about other customs, other lifestyles, other cultures; but also a keen sense of belonging to a land of great artistic tradition. So it was that the Nobile family sought inspiration in products and quality standards throughout Europe, while keeping in touch with the Italian tradition of expert craftsmanship in fragrances, gold and jewelry, and leather; that world-famous Italian style that so many strive to imitate. It was perhaps the arrival of the new millennium that awoke this passion in Massimo, once more interested in numbers, a bit like the north wind that surprised Vianne Rocher in Chocolat.
Massimo is overcome by this reawakening and has no choice but to give in to it and to allow it to take him to a world of style, of elegance, of rediscovery; of world of emotion and of sensation, a desire for all things precious. The first expression of Massimo´s new passion was a fragrance for men; and so it was that his quest began to rediscover his family traditions and to find the culture of an era, the value of an art that evokes memories with extraordinary force.So it is not by chance that the first product of the new NOBILE 1942 should be a fragrance that evokes the spirit of a man, that embodies the spirit of all mensuch as those of the Nobile family, who, over the years, have had the courage to follow their own decisions with confidence determination, and respect. It was the birth of a fragrance that evokes the freshness of genuine memories, of men and of places with a story to tell, of an ancient craft and a depth of wisdom; a fragrance that moves, seduced by beauty and by passion.
Extract Casta Diva sfeer foto

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