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NEJMA is back

Good news, NEJMA is back in our collection. The most successful perfume NEJMA 7 which is oh so popular just like Chanel 5 is again available. The collection is built around the ingredient OUD/AUD/AGARWOOD, subtly combined with ingredients like saffron, rose, jasmine and more.

For more information on Aoud, check "Kennis blog" https://thescentcompany.com/ingredient-kennis-%c2%b7-oudh/

Seven perfumes one soul; AOUD

Marie Lise Bischoff has been in love with the stars that shine on the firmament since she was a child. It inspires her to create a perfume septet – seven ‘star smells’ that revolve around one sun, one ingredient: eagle wood or agar wood – better known as oudh or oud. Meanwhile, this intense wood from the Far East is popular in niche circles, but it still remains mysterious and very inspiring. Oud introduces you to the oriental perfume culture in an innovative way.

Nejma is the nickname that Marie Lise gets from her grandmother as a child. Nejma means star and that’s no coincidence: from an early age she was inspired by stars shining in a thousand in the sky of Nice, the port city on the Mediterranean where she grew up. She now combines her fascination for stars with her other passion: perfume.

During a journey through the Middle East, Marie Lise hears of an Arabic tale and falls for its heroic content. According to tradition, the woman in the story is called Nejma (fate or coincidence?) who is blessed with a fascinating beauty and charm that, like the classical muses once did, inspires Marie Lise to create a new perfume line.

The ‘fate story’: Nejma is held captive to be eventually sold on the slave market. An Arabian prince chooses her for her beauty, spontaneity and the perfume that naturally envelops her body. From this relationship seven daughters are born, each one magnificently in her own way.

As an ode to their mother, each daughter creates a perfume that highlights a different aspect of their beloved mother. This is how seven perfumes find their way. The ingredient (the soul) that connects these seven scents is the precious, mysterious and oriental old.

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