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We all use soap every day. Washing our hands, in the shower, after reading the newspaper or doing jobs in the house, working in the garden, you name it. At this time of day we certainly wash our hands extra at many times of the day.

A real soap is a combination of beautiful oils or fats with lye. The ingredient lye ensures that the saponification comes on.

With the arrival of the liquid soap in a pump bottle, the hard part of the soap seems to have been replaced in many places. But nothing could be further from the truth! Because the familiar piece of soap has been gone again. Sometimes the argument is used that a piece of soap is not hygienic.  However, this argument is not correct, because you soap your hands clean and then you put the block of soap back. Actually, there are many more advantages to a block of soap. Because did you know that a block of soap is much more durable than liquid soap! With liquid soap you quickly use 7x more product than you actually need. In addition, a block of soap does not need a plastic packaging.


Many soap products contain SLS (sodium laureth sulfate). It is found in most liquid hand soaps, but also in shampoos, bath foam or detergent. SLS cleans well but above all ensures that the soap foams well, which many people always find very pleasant. You are inclined to think that a soap cleans better if it foams well, but nothing could be further from the truth. What people also don’t know is that SLS is a powerful degreaser and therefore also has an effect on your protective layer on your hands. One of the reasons why so many people have suffered from dehydrated, eczema complaints and skinned hands in recent times. In addition to the use of disinfectant alcohol**, of course, which has a disruptive effect on the skin. So, if possible, avoid this ingredient. Natural foamers may foam a little less, but they are just as effective and therefore better for the skin.  If you use these spleen-foaming products regularly, you will notice that over time, the products will also foam richer.

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