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By Stephanie Helmer

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To avoid confusion, it is good to know that the parfums of Nobile 1942 are officially unisex. Ultimately, the choice of a perfume also depends on the memories that someone has .. and fortunately, but what makes this a perfume personal.

Nonetheless, a small guide has been created to help you on your way to the extensive collection of Nobile 1942. This way you may already make a first selection. The nice thing is that the smells can be linked to a number of questions. Based on this you get an image of the person in question. Does that person, for example, drink what someone loves on a balmy summer evening with mint water (= green), red wine (= wood), beer (= bitter) or a fudge (= sweet)? What is the person’s preferling dish? (savory or sweet). Favorite color and dream home. All elements to better estimate someone and thus to pick the appropriate perfume from the Nobile 1942 collection.

This guide is meant to be a first step to take the customer to a new fragrance. Of course it is an estimate and perfumes remain personal.

Parfum Guide Nobile 1942

And there is also a parfum guide for the Monothematic collection of Nobile 1942. One ingredient is central to these fragrances. Despite the fact that these scents are soon labeled as masculine, these are also good perfumes for ladies.

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