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Acca Kappa shaving beard


ACCA KAPPA All fine beard products and accessoires for taking care of a perfect beard. No nasty things honest ingredients   Gently cleansing, preventing from skin irritation, contains Moringa purifying extract for a strong, glossy and healthy beard.     To nourish and soften the beard, Moringa prevents frizz, making beard strong and glossy   […]

Amouroud Collection parfum with Oudh


Since 1970, Perfumer’s Workshop has pioneered the modern business of making fragrance. The first company to custom-blend scent on a large scale, it paved the way for today’s boutique brands, creating new niches and markets. Perfumer’s Workshop has mastered both high end prestige and mass distribution, delivering expertly crafted scents at every price point. The […]

Bottega Profumiera Officina delle Essenze

Bottega Profumiera

“It’s much easier to be a hero than a gentleman, heroes can be from time to time, gentlemen always.” Luigi Pirandello This phrase from Luigi Pirandello, Italian dramatist and novelist, Nobel Prize in Literature in 1934, tells in a perfect way, in my opinion, the meaning to be a gentleman, today more than ever. In […]

Acca Kappa ShowerBrush Haarborstel

ACCA KAPPA Shower brush

A COLLECTION OF HAIRBRUSHES, especially thought to be used in the shower or after bathing, in a swimming pool or at the beach. These brushes are perfect on wet hair and their long pins help to detangle the hair without damaging its structure. They are suitable for all hair types easily removing knots, ideal also for children’s […]

Teo Cabanel Meloe Fresh parfum

Teo Cabanel

MELOE a fresh citrus all the way. Long lasting. For those who like nowadays the freshness. BARKHANE an ambery combined with aoud. For the slow late night evenings. Warm and erotic.

Tiziana Terenzi Scented Candles


The Story of a Passion – The Terenzi family has ancient origins dating back to the Roman days of the tales of Horace. The surname derives from Tres enses (three swords), and fades back in time into the cradle of civilisation. We can just mention here the Latin playwright Publius Terentius Afer, and the traces of our family in […]