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Recently we organized the Parfum-Dinner in Maaseik, Belgium, together with Parfumerie Margaux and Restaurant Smaakkamer Lavendel. An inspiring evening with a lot of smell, taste and renewed interpretations of ingredients. Explanation about the perfumes and the background, explanation of the dishes and the matching wines. In total there were 7 dishes, 7 scents and 7 wines. The evening started with a refreshing Gin Tonic.

How does it work? In collaboration with the perfumery we make a selection from the perfumes on the shelves and deliver them to the chef with the scent pyramids to get inspiration for ingredients in his dishes. The wine is also tailored to the tastes and together with the perfume contribute to a special combination. These evenings are also very successful with the sale of the perfumes. Together with the restaurant, you will be recruiting customers for this evening, so the knife cuts on two sides and you can then add new customers to the perfumery. If you are interested, let us know.

Parfumdiner Parfumerie Margaux
Parfumdiner Parfumerie Margaux
Parfumdiner Parfumerie Margaux
Parfumdiner Parfumerie Margaux
Parfumdiner Parfumerie Margaux
Parfumdiner Parfumerie Margaux

All in all a party and certainly worth repeating.

·To our great surprise it all started with the Perfume RUDIS from Nobile 1942, a powerful perfume with an opening of dried fruit, clove, saffron, marc, we were seduced by a nice cocktail with cloves and fruit notes and a refined amuse.
·The first starter is the eau de perfume of Profumi del Forte, By NIGHT BLACK, another surprise because here the cypress, pine and incense are the major players in the scent. The Carpaccio of salmon, smoked mackerel, fennel and asparagus give a sophisticated balance with a soft, tasty white wine.
·As an intermediate dish, the lobster soup continues to accompany the perfume ARETHUSA from Tiziana Terenzi. The opening tones of orange, ginger, saffron also come into their own.
·By NIGHT WHITE, the floral, soft powdery eau de perfume from Profumi del Forte is accompanied by Oriental fish with coriander. Again a nice white wine. Just smell the scent and then again the wine and then a bite of the fish. As if an angel is cycling your tongue.
·The new perfume of Nobile 1942, LEVANTE gets the attention together with a filet of quail with honey and duck liver. Here we discover sea fennel for the first time. In Levante we naturally come across the maritime notes and a hint of caramel.
·The first dessert was inspired by KIRKE from Terenzi, a magical and sensual perfume with a sweet fruit bouquet, passion fruit and peach. In the deep plate we come across a passion fruit soup with ice cream and fresh fruit. Again a nice matching wine, whose region / name has escaped me.

Because everything is so balanced and there is time and attention for smelling, tasting and smelling and tasting again, we keep our heads clear.

Then there is La Danza delle Libellulle, the perhaps famous topper in the vanilla scents of Nobile 1942. Here it is a Tarte Tartin, the turned hot apple pie, together with a chocolate mousse. That apple with the chocolate is doing well.

Everyone has enjoyed and has been surprised by the special possibilities in smell and taste area. There was also opportunity during dinner to try a perfume on the skin. With the aid of a specially designed card, the guest could indicate where he / she had been sprayed which perfume.

During and after the coffee, questions were asked and perfumes smelled again and bought. Of course we spoiled the buying customers with a 13 ml bag spray or a cheerful dragonfly brooch.

Are you ineterested?

Do you think: we want that too! Then contact us and we will discuss the plan of approach.

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