Paolo Terenzi Candle workshop

Press workshop with Paolo Terenzi

By Stephanie Helmer

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On Friday November 3th, Paolo Terenzi in the Nederlands to show a small selected press group how they make their scented candles. The family business has traditionally made candles and so Paolo got the craft in it. From childhood he already played with the wax, perfume and molecules. As he himself says it is in his DNA.

Besides making candles for private label like Gucci, Aqua di Parma and recently Fornasetti, they have their own collection TIZIANA TERENZI. Where Paolo is the nose behind the brand, his sister is the eyes of the brand. Tiziana Terenzi is originally a decorative designer and has worked for, among others, Moschino. In 2012, Paolo and Tiziana decided to set up their own brand, with Tiziana making sure that the perfume bottles were experienced as real jewels.

Tiziana Terenzi Adhil Asseluto

What is the secret behind the scented candles?

Just like cooking, it starts with the ingredients you use. Paolo deliberately makes the choice to use only natural fragrance molecules. A choice that runs through the family history as a thread. For example, his father has developed a wax that is so clean that this is eatable. Because what many people do not know is that lead and polymers are often used in the production of candles. Something that is harmful when you inhale.

All candles from TIZIANA TERENZI are handmade. This is a process that takes 2 days and in winter, because of the cold, it can take 3 days. First of all, the wax has been heated so that it is liquid and can be mixed with the essential oils. When wax is deposited, it is important that the glass in which the candle comes is not too cold. This way that wax will cools to fast. . The pour must be done slowly and at one time so that the air can get out, if this happens too fast it may be a hole in the candle. That would be a bad thing.

During the event, the press had to show the candle and it turned out to be more difficult than it seems..

After pouring, the next step has to come namely placing the fuse. This is not just a fuse, in fact they are using the so call wooden wicks for the TIZIANA TERENZI candles. These are two pieces of woods, one of which is made of sandalwood which gives cracking effect.  When placed, wait for the wax to solidify. An interesting process, because where water expands when it gets colder, wax shrinks exactly.

… with the result that here is a sort of dent. A dent which is a result from the fact that they don’t use polymers. Exactly here, it becomes clear why making the TIZIANA TERENZI scented candles is a labor-intensive process. The top of the candle is reheated so that it can be refilled. This causes a process that takes several days.

Curious? Watch here the video.

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