Amouroud samples maken


By Stephanie Helmer

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You also notice that the customer appreciates it if he/she is assisted by expert staff. What could be better than getting all the attention and hearing new things and discovering smells.

A new experience for the customer, a test made to measure!

How does it work?
Amouroud supplies empty black glass tubes, with their golden logo. If the customer does not immediately proceed to purchase, there is now the possibility to give him/her a 'specially made test'.

These can be filled with a number of sprays from the tester and close the sample with thread. The supplied envelopes are provided with all the names of the fragrances.

Mark what smell it is and the customer can still enjoy it at home.

This enhances the feeling of personal attention even more.

Amouroud proefje maken
Amouroud proefje maken
Amouroud proefje maken
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