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A horse shaving brush

By Robert

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We often hear shaving brushes are made from badger, either silver tip or just badger, but nowadays we also hear more and more about brushes from horse. Just all you need to know and what about the advantages.

To collect the air of a horse we don’t need to kill or damage the animal for it. It is even better as this cutting of the hair is part of taking care of the horse. This is the reason why the interest in horse brushes is growing the last decade.

There are 3 kinds of hair, white, brown and black, they are all the same quality. However there is a difference between the horse’s manes or the hair from the tail. With the production of the brushes it is always a combination from both. The hair from the manes will give the brush it softness and the hair from the tail is the backbone for the brush.

The hair is in between badger and boar. It is better in keeping the water and foams faster then badger. You can foam every type of shaving cream, which can’t be said of badger. After all a lot of advantages for the horse brush.

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