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Top 5 hotspots · Forte dei Marmi 2018

By Stephanie Helmer

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On the Italian Riviera Versilia, known for its beautiful sandy beaches, is the luxury resort of Forte dei Marmi. The town is especially popular with Italian and International high society, so it is not surprising that you can encounter famous footballer, musicians and / or actors. Known for its marble Forte dei Marmi has enough nice shops / restaurants / bars to discover. You will also find nice locations on https://mytravelintuscany.com/an-exclusive-day-in-forte-dei-marmi

Top_5_ Forte del Marmi Italy Hotel Principe Forte dei Marmi


Looking for the best view of Forte dei Marmi? Don’t be shy, enter Hotel Principe and head up for to the roof. With a huge choice of cocktails you can enjoy a drink and you can gaze at the mountains and the sea. Do you see the snow at the top of the mountains? No, that is indeed not snow, but the famous marble quarries. This hotel has a wonderful spa to relax. Don’t feel like meeting other people? Then you can always rent the private yacht from the hotel.

 Viale Ammiraglio Morin, 67, 55042 Forte dei Marmi LU, Italië

Top_5_ Forte del Marmi Profumi del Forte Parfumshop


Nothing goes above the perfumes of Profumi del Forte. Perfumes that brings out the Italian in you. Inspired by the extraordinary landscapes, regional influences and olfactory possessions that holds the place. As we are used to from Italian brands, but Profumi del Forte only use the best raw materials.

Piazza Marconi, 3, 55042 Forte dei Marmi LU, Italië

Top_5_ Forte del Marmi Mercato di Forte dei Marmi

Mercato di Forte dei Marmi

And if you are still on the square, then it is certainly worthwhile to visit the (famous) market. Two mornings a week there is the famous market with beautiful, high quality products. The market is very popular with the locals who advise you to go into each store and browse for beautiful things.

Piazza Guglielmo Marconi, 55042 Forte dei Marmi LU, Italië
Available on Wednesday and Sunday morning until 14:00

Top_5_ Forte del Marmi La Cucina del Giardino lekker eten


The Italian surprise everyone is waiting for is the summer holiday. Not far from the center of the city there is a nice, welcoming and pleasant place to eat. Sitting on the “terrazzo” or patio, you will enjoy the simplicity of delicious Italian cuisine. And like the name of the restaurant ‘La Cucina del Giardino’ keeps its credit.

Via S. Stagi, 66, 55042 Forte dei Marmi LU, Italië

Top_5_ Forte del Marmi Pasticceria Aldo


It always remains the question how these Italians stay so thin, because they are sweet-toothed. This is also reflected in the number of pasticceria, or bakeries, Forte dei Marmi is rich. But the tastiest cakes and pastries can still be found with pasticceria Aldo. From the early hours until nine o’clock in the evening, you can enjoy all the goodies they have to offer while enjoying an espresso.

Via Provinciale, 57, 55042 Forte dei Marmi LU, Italië

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