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By Stephanie Helmer

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We are proud of her. She is ready for us every day. What do you give your mother this year? We have selected the top 5 most beautiful Mother’s Day gifts.

For the Mother who deserves something else; a unique mother a unique gift.

Moms day Top5_TeoCabanel

TEO CABANEL – Lace Garden

A beautiful floral perfume with the light-footedness of lace. The flower gardens of Fontainebleau Castle are the inspiration for this unique fragrance. A touch of lemon and ylang ylang and in the heart the orange blossom, jasmine, tuberose and the mysterious magnolia. Vanilla and benzoin in the base provide a powdery harmony; a divine sensation on the skin. A very French perfume for true fans of white flowers.

Acca Kappa White Moss

ACCA KAPPA – bodyproducten

Acca Kappa, the Italian topper under the care products and among other things known for the elegant shaving sets. In addition, Acca Kappa has a line called Muschio Bianco, with White Moss as the basic ingredient. This line can be worn for both men and women and includes a perfume, body lotion, shower gel, deodorant, shampoo and a delicious body butter.

Acca Kappa 15ml parfum

ACCA KAPPA – 15 ml parfum

Do you want to give your mother a different perfume than she normally wears? Then the 15ml perfumes from Acca Kappa are an ideal solution. Handy for in the bag, car or toilet bag. A perfect gift for that unique mother, a choice of 12 scents.

Campos de Ibiza

CAMPOS de IBIZA – Parfum en/of body producten

CAMPOS de IBIZA with her new looks she steals the show. Let mother, with her eyes closed, just enjoy a moment on Ibiza without having to leave the door. The scents are created on the basis of ingredients that can be found on the island.

When Mask mini spa

WHEN MASK – Mini Spa

Mirror, mirror on the wall, which mother is relaxed in the whole country … Give the busy mothers a mini spa treatment for the home with the super soft, moisturizing and nurturing ‘bio cellulose sheet mask’. A high-quality mask, with patented serum.

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