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By Stephanie Helmer

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ACCA KAPPA makes you smile and goes with her time. After the introduction of two organic toothpastes, ACCA KAPPA now comes with a Charcoal variant for extra white teeth. Fresh mint, sage and liquorice has been added to the toothpaste. ACCA KAPPA also released a variant to protect against sensitive gums with Aloe Vera, organic marigold (Marigold) and lime balm. This is a gel toothpaste. All therefore to brush responsibly on a daily basis. At least brush your teeth twice a day but if you want you can also take your travel size with you for during the day.

tandpasta Acca Kappa Charcoal

White tube: with eucalyptus, sage, mint and star anise for a balanced daily oral care.

Silver tube: with thyme, rosemary, sage and Xylitol for protection and to prevent the attacks on your teeth.

Pink tube: gel toothpaste with marigold and Aloe Vera to protect sensitive gums.

Black tube: with activated charcoal, mint and liquorice, for maintenance and whitening effect on the teeth.


Made without synthetic foam makers, colourings, parabens nor triclosan, they however DO contain natural organic essential oils, natural foam makers and of course natural preservatives.


The perfect collection to have a conscientious oral care.

Every reference presented by Acca Kappa doesn’t include fluoride. Two positions can be hold concerning this interesting and current issue.  However we have decided to get more information and you will find below some points explaining why fluoride might probably be out-of-dated. Used as in toothpaste or tablets, the fluoride can enter the body through the oral mucosa. Research mention it could cause stains on the teeth, in addition to the fact a large dose can be life-threatening. It is also no more recommended to use fluoride tablets for children. Another negative point comes from fluoride’s capacity to bind with collagen causing its hardening. This is specifically unwanted if you think of the aorta, main artery bringing oxygenated blood from your heart to the rest of your body. 

Fluoride association to magnesium and manganese is also possible, which could initiate a disruption of bone metabolism and muscle functions.

Some researchers say that it even affects the IQ, (researches made in areas where fluoride was added to the drinking water) Though it’s important to observe that it is not entirely clear how and at which concentration.

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