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What’s going on in the Beauty world? One of the largest clothing webshops will focus on niche cosmetic brands. In doing so, they take serious steps to deal with this equally. At the beginning of this year, Zalando already included cosmetics in the range, but this has now been extended with a physical store.

The building has a retail area of 160 square meters and is located in the popular Berlin district of Mitte. Not enough room for the 5,000 products (of 150 cosmetics brands) that they offer online. That is why the physical store is a collaboration with Estee Lauder as a launch partner. In this ‘lab environment’ Zalando wants to offer consumers a tangible product experience. The store will be used for product launches, tutorials and advice from beauticians, among other things.

According to the press release issued by Zalando about the store opening, the physical store contributes to raising the customer experience to a ‘higher level’. “This is a big step for Zalando and its new beauty category. With our partner brands (Estée Lauder brands, M.A.C Cosmetics, Estée Lauder, Clinique and Origins ed.), We can further improve our beauty range, “says Claudia Reth, Vice President Specialties (Premium, Beauty, Kids). That the Estee Lauder group cooperates as a partner is not so surprising with the omni-channel strategy that the group uses. Eric Daugan, Vice President of Digital Commerce & Marketing EMEA at Estée Lauder, said in the same press release, “Consumer expectations and store behavior are constantly evolving.” Our omnichannel strategy is aimed at reaching millennium users wherever and whenever they want to, so we are proud to be together. to work with Zalando, Europe’s leading online platform for fashion and lifestyle, to expand its prestigious beauty category to reach more consumers. “

To see with your own eyes what this new player in the field has brought in, we traveled to Berlin.

In the bustling city of Mitte we indeed found the Zalando Beauty Store, indicated with a small sign on the building. Despite the fact that it is 160 square meters big, the store did not feel extremely large, the store was divided into two by 3 handy cabinets with shelves and mirrors. Upon entering you walked directly against the lipstick presentation of MAC cosmetics, followed by a clean white shop. Due to the recent opening you would expect that it would be fairly busy on a Friday afternoon (with possibly curious blogger / trendsetters), but the opposite was true and there was more staff than customers. The friendly staff pointed out that we could try everything. Trying and testing the products is therefore the main goal of the store. If you ask us you will need something more to lift the customer experience to a higher level than just ‘trying’ (especially for the millennials). With all the (digital) possibilities that exist today … and knowing that ASWatson in Hong Kong recently entered into a partnership with L’Oreal where the consumer can also test the products through VR technology.

What we found interesting.

Volkswagen Conceptstore Berlin
Sometimes it is also good to look outside your own industry. Because last weekend the Volkswagen group opened their new concept store in Berlin. It was clear that this was not about selling directly, but about the experience. In one part of the building a bar was placed where you could sit quietly while you did not see a physical Volkswagen. Only a great Urban artwork on the wall where Volkswagen was incorporated. Here stood staff who let you know about the new technologies that Volkswagen recently offered. Think of WePark (a kind of Parkmobile) and WeDeliver, a collaboration with DHL where your package is delivered in the car. The second part of the building felt like a (science) museum, where on one side all pictures were hanging on the wall, which were also for sale there. Through VR technology you could drive the latest Volkswagen and experience the latest electric scooter through a game.

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