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The amulet that brings you luck Luck is blind but the bad luck can see very well. For this reason, the question that is usually asked to those who have a bad time is: “Don’t you have (evil) eyes on you?” Hence, in fact, the origin of the word “Malocchio = Evil Eye”. Fortunately, however, […]


CITRUS REINVENTED  With an overdose of freshness, this sultry citrus creation is unique in this category. Amouroud has transformed citrus.  The fragrance offers not only verve and energy, but also an impression of sensuality. Juicy, high-quality citrus notes give this fragrance an extraordinary aura, while a darker side challenges and captivates. Rich, deep, smoky notes […]


Good news, NEJMA is back in our collection. The most successful perfume NEJMA 7 which is oh so popular just like Chanel 5 is again available. The collection is built around the ingredient OUD/AUD/AGARWOOD, subtly combined with ingredients like saffron, rose, jasmine and more. For more information on Aoud, check “Kennis blog” https://thescentcompany.com/ingredient-kennis-%c2%b7-oudh/ Marie Lise […]


We all use soap every day. Washing our hands, in the shower, after reading the newspaper or doing jobs in the house, working in the garden, you name it. At this time of day we certainly wash our hands extra at many times of the day. A real soap is a combination of beautiful oils […]


  – IL GARDIENO DELLE DELIZIE – The second fragrance brings us to “the Garden of earthly delights” by Hieronymus Bosh , exhibited at El Prado museum in Madrid. This triptych is considered a masterpiece of surrealism for its complex symbolism: humanity is represented, according to the Christian doctrine of the Middle Ages, with all […]


Crocus Sativus or Saffron crocus is cultivated and not found in the wild. Only in autumn the flowers appear in a rich variety of colours, from pastel to lilac to deep purple. The flowers have a sweet, honey-like scent. A tuber survives one season and produces up to ten ‘tubers’ which can grow into new […]


POMPEI open for public

Three Painted Houses in the Lost City of Pompeii are finally open to the public after a 40-Year restoration project.  Three archaeological marvels at Pompeii, the ancient Roman city razed by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD, have reopened to the public. Calling it a “story of rebirth and redemption,” the Italian Ministry of Culture […]

New Years drink 2020

New Years drink with great bites from Jeanne Beddington for a wonderful 2020 Together with our clients, frineds and family we celebrated 2020. Toasting for a happy, healthy and succesfilm New Year. Bites from Jeanne Beddington matching wonderfully 7 chose perfumes. An inspiring experience from a Top Chef From 2020 on we will organise evenings […]

ACCA KAPPA – 150 year

ACCA KAPPA is celebrating her 150 years anniversary. It goes back all the way to 1869, when Herman Kroll startes trading with the fortunate Venetians.  This year a celebration of a rich and eventful years. Tehe old factory has been completely renovated and ready for another 150 years to come. HERMAN KRÜLL It all started […]

Acca Kappa_Gift 2018 CHRISTMAS IDEAS

ACCA KAPPA – Gift 2018

ACCA KAPPA · Bestsellers Last year we introduced the 15ml’s which was immediately a big succes during the festives. It was to be expected in a beautiful box combining several fragrances. The first combination with the fresh and clean Muschio Bianco (White Moss), alternated with the spicy Black pepper & Sandelwood and ofcourse the classic […]

The perfume dinner

Recently we organized the Parfum-Dinner in Maaseik, Belgium, together with Parfumerie Margaux and Restaurant Smaakkamer Lavendel. An inspiring evening with a lot of smell, taste and renewed interpretations of ingredients. Explanation about the perfumes and the background, explanation of the dishes and the matching wines. In total there were 7 dishes, 7 scents and 7 […]

horse shaving brush brume

A horse shaving brush

We often hear shaving brushes are made from badger, either silver tip or just badger, but nowadays we also hear more and more about brushes from horse. Just all you need to know and what about the advantages. To collect the air of a horse we don’t need to kill or damage the animal for […]

The Scent Company bij Esxence 2018

ESXENCE overview 2018

Also this year there was another great offer at the fair in Milan. With about 220 brands in perfumes and cosmetics there is now also added is the presentation and choice over. In addition, there are also several presentations on several other locations so all in all are about 300 brands that show itself. Also […]

Officina delle Essenze diffuser

Great Diffuser; Officina delle Essenze

    Excellent room diffuser, we deliver in 250ml and 1250ml size. Vaporates your room with delicate perfume, high quality ingredients at an affordable price. With natural ingredients as essential oils. Also available these highly appreciated roomsprays. Sturdy looking and efficient to clean your room from nasty odeurs.